Revision history for Text::Layout

0.018	2020-02-06

0.012	2020-02-06

	Add support for HB Shaper features. Requires HarfBuzz::Shaper
	0.019 or later.

0.017	2020-02-03

	Add helper routines for PDF::Builder.
	Add test file for PDF::Builder.

0.016	2020-01-30

	Improve documentation for FontConfig and FontDescriptor.
	Add  FontConfig and FontDescriptor to provides.
0.015	2020-01-29

	Add font attributes in registration.

0.014.1	2020-01-26

0.014	2020-01-23

	Experimental support for text shaping using HarfBuzz.
	Implemented for the PDF::API2/Builder backend only.
	Requires perl module HarfBuzz::Shaper.

0.013	2019-10-22

	Fix test 102.
	Some more version issues.

0.012	2019-10-21

	Fix some packaging problems.
	Fix version number in release.

0.011	2019-09-01

	Fix return values of get*extent and get*size.
	Split off FontDescriptor from FontConfig.
	Added tests for PDF::API2 backend.
	Added lots of documentation.

0.01    2019-08-30

	Initial check-in.