Revision history for Data-iRealPro

1.12	2018-xx-xx

	(Song) Fix typo in keymap that made key E undetectable.
	For testing, set env DATA_IREALPRO_MUSICXML to require the
	XML::LibXML module and perform the MusicXML tests.

1.11	2018-11-01

	Add App::Packager 1.420 until 1.430 works.
	Make transpositions work.
	(script/irealcvt) Add --generate.
	(pp/linux) Update Makefile.
	(irealpro.cgi) Remove superfluous actual key text.
	(README) Move to GitHub.
	(Makefile.PL) Index irealcvt, hide modules.
	(irealpro.cgi) Show actual key as well.
	(Output/JSON, Output/Text) Allow output to stdout.
	(Output/JSON) Discard transpose.
	Tidied up repo meta in the Makefile.PL script.

1.10	2018-10-30

	Add --transpose option.
	More user friendly error messages when required modules
	PDF::API and Imager are missing.

1.09	2017-07-22

	Remove App::Packager. It is now on CPAN.

1.08	2017-05-22

	Fix problem with text input where space separated chords did
	not get a comma.
	Also fixed some other comma problems with text in/output.

1.07	2017-03-07

	Improvements to MusicXML import.
	Implement --musescore (auto-detected) to deal with a number
	of anomalities in the XML generated by MuseScore.
	Fixed key detection.

1.06	2017-03-06

	Improvements to MusicXML import.
	Implement --suppress-text for MusicXML input.
	Fix wildcard expansion on Windows.

1.05	2017-03-01

	Improvements to MusicXML import.
	Implement --condense, --override-alt and --suppress-upbeat for
	MusicXML input.

1.04	2017-02-28

	Improvements to MusicXML import.
	Small fixes in URI encoding.

1.03	2016-12-23

	Add argument globbing for MS-Windows.
	Strip trailing whitespace in texts.
	Make <?xml ...> optional in MusicXML detection.
	Fix inferring playlist name for multi-file input.
	(Imager) Fix mediabox. Fix one-off error in last cell.
	(MusicXML) Add --neatify.

1.02	2016-12-07

	Remove DDumper from MusicXML.

1.01	2016-12-06

	(JSON) Fix problem with generic TO_JSON method.
	(MusicXML) Add MusicXML import (experimental!).
1.00	2016-11-26

	Release 1.00.
	(Imager) Discard final (trailing?) empty cells for low water

0.24	2016-11-17

	(Imager) Fix placement of single and double bar repeats.
	In npp strict mode matches iRealPro.
	Add chord tests to MANIFEST and git.

0.23	2016-11-16

	(Song a.o.) Fix problem where a vertical shift halfway the
        line could result in a not yet shifted right barline
        overprinting a shifted left bar line, making a barline that is
        too long.
	(Input/Text) Fix composer detection in text input.
	(Song) Modify the chords parser to use a regex built from
	the official list of chord qualities.
	(irealcvt) Document sprintf() %d sequence in output file names.

0.22	2016-11-15

	(Imager) Environment variable RESDIR can now be used to point to the
	resources location.
	(Imager, NPP) Fix a problem with specific glyphs.

0.21	2016-11-14

	Fix problem with failing test.

0.20	2016-11-10

	For NPP imaging, use the original res/drawable-nodpi-v4 folder
	straight out of the APK.
	Add --npp=hand_strict for 100% iRealPro conformance.
	Update and improve regression tests.

0.19	2016-10-10

	Handle 'stop' instruction.
	(cgi) Add NPP images.

0.18	2016-10-10

	Move combining and selecting to Input handler.
	(Input) Add songindex so other tools can find out where the
	song came from.

0.17	2016-10-06

	Add regression testing (GitHub only, not in the CPAN distribution).
	(Input) Take the first URI, not the last, from HTML.
	(HTML) Suppress version number when regression testing.
	(Imager) Only consider playlists with more than one song to be
	a playlist. Do not write a CSV for single-song playlists.
	(Text) Fix stdandard output error.

0.16	2016-10-06

	Fix Imager problem with jpg output (it's jpeg).

0.15.1	2016-10-04

	Fix HTML::Entities requirement.
	Eliminate explicit use of IO::String.

0.15	2016-10-04

	Add lots of tests, with the necessary changes to the modules
	to facilitate testing.

0.14	2016-10-04

	Fix Imager requirement.

0.13.1	2016-10-03

	Fix Text::CSV_XS requirement (packaging only).

0.13	2016-10-03

	Restructure frontends and backends.
	Move backends to Output directory.
	Move frontends to Input directory.
	Move make_cells from Imager to Tokenizer.
	Obsolete Parser (rename to Output/LilyPond).

0.12	2016-10-02

	Fix --man command line option.

0.11	2016-10-02

	Rework the entanglement of the URI, Playlist and Song
	Rename SongData module to Song.
	Variants will be phased out. 'irealb' (irealpro) is standard.
	However, 'irealbook' as input will be  supported as usual.
	Deprecate the export methods of these components in favour of
	the much cleaner 'as_string' methods.
	Enhance the irealcvt program with HTML splitting and listing,
	and automatically combining of multiple input files.
	Fix a problem with the CGI backend and playlists.
	Package App::Packager for convenience.

0.10	2016-09-30

	Add HTML backend.
	(ireal) Repeats do not default to 1, but 3.
	(Imager) Improve options handling.
	(Output) Improve options handling.

0.09	2016-09-20

	Improve URI exports.
	(Makefile) Add versions for requirements.
	(splitlist) Mask dangerous characters.
	(Imager, Text, JSON) Fix requires.
	(Parser) Remove debugging code.

0.08.1	2016-09-16

	Make Imager an optional dependency.

0.08	2016-09-15

	Integrate editable text input/output.
	Rework of the module structure.
	Add NPP (near pixel perfect) graphics.
	Add 'splitlist' tool.

0.06.1  2016-01-01

	Add PAR packaging.

0.06    2016-01-01

	First CPAN release.