Revision history for Comics

1.13	019-04-19

	Fix patterns for Buttersafe.
	Disable GoneIntoRapture, DoodleForFood. They changed their
	sites and it is no longer possible to fetch the comic.
	Disable CatsCafeComics. They turned the site into a web shop.

1.12	2019-04-17

	Add --reuse option to reuse saved fetch results (for
	Add CatsCafeComics, RandyOtter, SkeletonClaw, ItchyFeetComic.
	Fix patterns for Channelate, Glasbergen, Russmo,
	SavageChickens, DoodleForFood, PoorlyDrawnLines, GeekAndPoke.

1.11	2018-10-25
	Fix patterns for CSectionComics, Channelate, DoYouKnowFlo,
	Add CSectionComicsBonus.
	Disable LoadingArtist.
	Add missing plugins and update MANIFEST.

1.10	2018-09-25

	Add MonkeyUser, SoggyCardboard, PearlsBeforeSwine, Russmo,

	Fix pattern for Channelate, DoYouKnowFlo.

1.09	2018-06-18

	Add DoodleForFood.
	Fix patterns for LeastICouldDo, CyanideAndHappiness, DoodleForFood,
	MyExtraLife, SlackWyrm, QuestionableContent, SMBC,
	WhatTheDuck, CheerUpEmoKid, UserFriendly, MyJetPack.
	Rename MyExtraLife to Frogpants and update patterns.
	Disable PretendsToBeDrawing. We cannot do multi-pane comics yet.

1.08	2018-04-06

	Add RudyPark, Speedbump.
	Update patterns for Channelate, C-SectionComics, LittleGamers,
	GoComics, CtrlAltDel, EEK.
	Disable HaraKiri.

1.07	2017-10-25

	Add Channelate, GoneIntoRapture, PoorlyDrawnLines,
	MrLovenstein, SlackWyrm, PBFComics.

1.06	2017-06-14

	Add ToonHole, LoadingArtist, Optipess, LolNein, CheerUpEmoKid,
	PretendsToBeDrawing, JHall, JHall/Bloop.

1.05	2017-05-01

	Fixes for TheMinistryOfAbnormality, CtrlAltDel.

1.04	2017-03-11

	Fix regexp for Glasbergen, AMultiverse.

1.03	2017-01-31

	Fix tally of comics in statistics.

1.02	2017-01-12

	Release 1.02.
	Miscellaneous small fixes and enhancements.
	Update the GoComics fetcher to the new page contents.

1.00	2016-11-26

	Release 1.00.
	Defeat erroneous image caching.
	Use HTTP header ETag to avoid unneccessary image fetching.
	Remove plugin data and files when disabling a plugin.
	(JoyOfTech, CSectionComics) Fix pattern.

0.13	2016-11-14

	Add 'ondemand' property for plugins that are initially
	The spool directory now defaults to <tmpdir>/Comics and will
	be created if necessary.
	Add CSectionComics LearnToSpeakCat.
	Lower Perl requirement to 5.12.

0.12	2016-11-04

	Add nice(r) heading.
	Add white background to the images.
	Add link to Comics web page.
	Add MIN_PERL_VERSION to Makefile.PL.

0.11	2016-11-02

	Tags are now derived from the package name instead of the
	comics name. This should not matter much.
	Internal changes to the API. This should not matter much either.
	Add comics Ben and RedPanels.

0.10	2016-10-28

	New plugin API. Much, much (yes, much) easier.
	See Sigmund for	details.
	Add comics DirkJan.
	Fix naming problem with the Soopah plugins.
	Fix naming problem with Glasbergen and TheJoyOfTech plugins.

0.09	2016-10-27

	Small enhancements and fixes to the sorting of the listing.
	(GoComics) Derive url from name or tag.
	Move tag-from-name method from Fetcher to Plugin.
	Add overall totals to statistics.
	Add comics DoYouKnowFlo EEK FrankAndErnest Megatokyo Monty
	NonSequitur SavageChickens Wondermark.
	Add comics APOKALIPS ASofterWorld AmazingSuperPowers
	AmazingSuperPowersSecretToon DieselSweeties DominicDeegan
	GarfieldMinusGarfield HaraKiri HeinDeKort Lectrr LittleGamers
	Nozzman OrderOfTheStick PennyArcade RedMeat
	TheMinistryOfAbnormality VGCats. This completes all the
	original Gotblah toons, although some are no longer functional.

0.08	2016-10-26

	Add --rebuild to rebuild just the HTML index without fetching
	new comics. Thanks to for the suggestion.
	Eliminate --fetchonly.
	Eliminate --buildonly.
	New Fetcher: Cascade. Handles a series (one or more) of
	patterns, each designating the page to be loaded for the next
	Comics::Fetcher::Single is now a wrapper around Cascade.
	Comics::Fetcher::Direct is now a wrapper around Cascade.
	Comics::Fetcher::GoComics is now a wrapper around Cascade.
	Add comics CtrlAltDel MyJetpack PlayerVsPlayer Soopah
	SoopahBonus Abstrusegoose DoghouseDiaries.

0.07	2016-10-26

	Fix problem where the location of the statefile was
	initialized before the command line args were handled.
	Fix problem with processing of the plugins selectors.

0.06	2016-10-25

	Enable/Disable/List plugins via command line.
	Make a backup copy of the state file before changing it.
	Fix WuMo plugin.

0.05	2016-10-24

	CPAN packaging improvements.
	Improve documentation.
	Improve GoComics fetcher.
	Fix problem with new plugins losing state.

0.04	2016-10-24

	Add S1ngle plugin.
	More documentation.

0.03	2016-10-24

	Move collect code to
	Introduce Fetchers (Comics::Fetcher).
	Rename Plugins to Plugin (Comics::Plugin).
	Add documentation and more CPAN files.
    	Improve checks and logging; add width/height.
    	More plugins.
	First CPAN release.

0.02	2016-10-23

	Initial (GitHub) release.

0.01	2016-10-23

	Initial commit.