0.86	Aug 16 2017

	Fix problems with disappearing page titles.
	Fix some packing issues.

0.85	Aug 15 2017

	Rename config pdf.fonts.diagram_capo to pdf.fonts.diagram_base.
	Fix some (well, several) layout issues with odd/even page printing.
	Fix missing fingers in config defined chords.
	Allow PDF::Builder to be used instead of PDF::API2.
	Improve define/chord parsing and diagnostics.
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.84.

0.84	Jul 31 2017

	Emergency fix for PDF font problem.

0.83	Jul 31 2017

	Supply default '1+4x4+1' for first start_of_grid.
	Supply default straight font for grid lines.
	Allow empty lines in grids.
	Improve WxChordPro integration.
	Change old terminology "chordgrid" to "diagrams".
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.83.

0.82	Jul 21 2017

	Add Version.pm.

0.81	Jul 16 2017

	Fixed problem where wxChordPro couldn't preview.
	Restructured the files for packaging support.

0.80	Jul 13 2017

	(PDF) Improve terminology in warning about unkown chords.
	Prevent undefined warnings when a song has no chords.
	(pp) Allow resource updating.
	Prevent undefined warnings when the system provides no configs.
	Add missing POD resources for packaged binaries.
	Supply usage info and exit when run without action/file arguments.

0.79	Jul 12 2017

	Mostly packing/packaging fixes.
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.79.

0.78	Jul 12 2017

	Mostly packaging fixes.
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.78.

0.77	Jun 26 2017

	Finalize design and implementation of chord grids.
	Add support for chord fingerings, as suggested by Christian
	Erickson (author of the Songsheet Generator).
	Fix meaning of clo -G (was negated).
	Add song examples.
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.76.

0.76	May 16 2017

	Allow text properties to stack/unstack.
	Suppress empty text line if there's only [Chords].
	Enhance parameter substitution in titles/comments.
	Allow {chord NAME} to designate known chords.
	Some more fix problems with dot-less @INC in newer perls.
	Add schema to verify (and edit) json config files.

0.75	Apr 13 2017

	Experimental support for Nashville Numbering System and Roman
	Numbered Chords.
	(Config) Add more meta data: lyricist, arranger, copyright,
	year, duration.
	(PDF) Improve grids drawing: add config for line thickness, add space
	for the crosses/circles.
	(PDF) Allow PDF to be written to standard output. Output file
	will now be named after the input file if there's only one.
	Keep track of #-comments in ChordPro input and reproduce in
	ChordPro output.
	(PDF) Fonts are now looked up in a font path consisting of the
	fontdir config setting, the application's fonts resource
	directory, and the value of environment variable FONTDIR.
	(Packager) Use App::Packager from CPAN.
	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.74.

0.74	Apr 02 2017

	Fix problems with dot-less @INC in newer perls.

0.73	Apr 04 2017

	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.710.3.

0.72	Jan 18 2017

	(WxChordPro) Update to 0.710.2.
	Fix style_chordii sample config.

0.71	Jan 17 2017

	Produce CSV with PDF and toc.
	Implement {chord...} directive.

0.70	Nov 10 2016

	(ChordPro) Fix require of Common.
	(Config) Comment example chord definition.
	(ChordPro) Add rechorus handling.
	(ChordPro) Fix --toc/--notoc command line option.
	(PDF) Fix background colour in indented chorus.
	(PDF) Fix wrong headspace on continuation pages.

0.69	Sep 29 2016

	Add parser tests.
	Prevent nasty errors when transposing unknown chords.
	(PDF) Fix comment decorations that were off due to
	substituting metadata.
	(ChordPro) Add msp as output variant.

0.68	Aug 23 2016

	Extend chorus recall. Chorus may be quoted, and/or referred
	with a tag text.
	Handle {pagesize} in legacy config.
	Minor adjustments to the default configuration to match the

0.67	Aug 23 2016

	Overhaul of chord definitions and transpositions.
	Chords may now be parenthesised.
	{defined: name ...} is now preferred.
	"base-fret NN" may be omitted.
	All strings may be omitted to define an unknown chord.

0.66	Aug 22 2016

	Uploaded to GitHub.

	Added support for {meta} directives.
	Make the list of known metatada configurable.
	Allow using metadata in titles and comments.
	Remove meta-mapping (no longer needed).
	Change the way unknown chords are dealt with, for
	Chord/Chordii compatibility.
	Add res/config/style_chordii.json with as much Chord/Chordii
	compatibility as can be reasonably achieved.

0.65	Jul 15 2016

	Add --define to set config items from the command line.
	Smooth some config trickeries.
	Add meta-map config to treat metadata items differently.
	Normalize directives parsing to be (more) Chord/Chordii
	Handle defining chords with flexible number of strings.

0.64	Jul 10 2016

	Add support for Chord/Chordii legacy config.
	Add --no-legacy-config to suppress legacy config.
	Add --no-default-configs (-X) to suppress all default configs.
	Do not make "no easy chords" default.
	More pp stuff.

0.63	Jul 06 2016

	Add support for {grid} and friends.
	More pp stuff.

0.62	Jul 03 2016

	Improve support for PAR packaging.
	Add Undo/Redo (MSW only?).
	Better viewer launching.
	Use separate PODs for --manual and --help-config.
	Add wxchordpro to the kit.

0.61	Jun 28 2016

	Improve packaging.
	Add support for PAR packaging.

0.60	Jun 23 2016

	Bring chorus layout attributes under a single topic.
	Add chordgrid and chordgrid_capo chords.

0.59	Jun 23 2016

	We have a Ukulele.
	And a GUI.

0.58	Jun 20 2016

	Handle --chord-grid-size.
	Add chord definitions in configuration.
	Add chords sorting.
	Add user defined chords and tunings.
	Handle --no-easy-chord-grids and --chord-grids-sorted.

0.57	Jun 19 2016

	Move transpose code to Chords module.
	Default grid font to comment, not font.
	Register user defined fonts.
	First shot at printing chord grids.
	Second shot at printing chord grids.
	Support -D, but use backend to generate the grids.

0.56	Jun 13 2016

	Handle {titles} directive.
	Add support for head-first-only. Titles are now top-printed.
	Move low-level primitives to PRWriter module.
	Add font and spacing for 'empty' lines.

0.55	Jun 10 2016

	Detailed page headers/footers control.
	Require perl version v5.10.

0.54	Jun 08 2016

	Fix bug #115156: Will not build on Mac OSX.
	Fix bug #115159: IO::File is not loaded automatically in older
	perls ( < 5.12.6 ).

0.53.1	Jun 08 2016

	Improve Makefile.PL to get indexing right.

0.53	Jun 07 2016

	Add built-in chords and the --dump-chords-text facility.
	(PDF) Turn missing images into a comment.

0.52.6	Jun 07 2016

	Fix POD problem in Config.pm.

0.52.5	Jun 07 2016

	Improve Makefile.PL to get indexing right.

0.52.4	Jun 06 2016

	Improve Makefile.PL.

0.52.3	Jun 06 2016

	Move configuration pod to Config.pod. Will it be indexed?
	Add --print-default-config and --print-final-config options.
	Fix problems with songline colours.
	Fix headings.
	Add head-first-only setting.
	Fix page footers.

0.52.2	Jun 06 2016

	Minor documentation changes.

0.52.1	Jun 05 2016

	Some fixes for tests on Windows.

0.52	Jun 05 2016

	Move runnable code from chordpro script to ChordPro.pm
	module. The script is now a simple wrapper.

	Add documentation.

0.51.3	Jun 05 2016

	Eliminate Clone as a dependency.
	Eliminate IO::String as an explicit dependency. It's implied
	by Font::TTF.

0.51.2	Jun 04 2016

	Better Makefile.PL (no_index of namespace).

0.51.1	Jun 04 2016

	Better Makefile.PL.

0.51	Jun 04 2016

	First alpha version released.