Changes file for Module::Info::File

1.00 2016-01-05 Major release, update recommended

- Exchanged all file/file contents parsing code for Module::Metadata

  WARNING! this release fixes a bug for multiple package definitions for a file.
  It now returns the first package encountered instead of the package definition encountered, 
  this alters behaviour, but the behaviour seems more correct.

  Thanks to Dai Okabayashi for PRs #2 and #3, eventhough they where never put to uses

0.14 2014-08-27 bug fix release, update not necessary

- Removed use of UNIVERSAL, the API used was deprecated and no 
  longer necessary, see Github issue [#1]

0.13 2014-08-25 maintenance release, update not necessary

- Additions to MANIFEST.SKIP

- License upgraded to Artistic 2.0 from Artistic 1.0

0.12 2014-08-23 maintenance release, update not necessary

- Specified Perl version to 5.6 as pointed out by Perl::Critic

- Ported from Module::Build to Dist::Zilla

0.11 2007-03-17 maintenance release, update not necessary

- Added t/perlcriticrc

- Updated t/pod.t, t/pod-coverage.t, t/kwalitee.t and t/critic
  to more contemporary versions

- Updated version number in POD

0.10 2007-02-13 bug fix release, update recommended

- Bugfix release, a mistake I have made before, when letting
  Module::Build create the Makefile.PL is auto includes the bin
  directory, but with a full path referring to a path on the
  Build host.

  I have renamed bin/ to script/ and added
  it to Build.PL so not the Makefile.PL is generated correctly

  From Build.PL:

  scripts => {
      'script/'   => 'script/',

  From Makefile.PL:

  'EXE_FILES' => [

0.09 2007-02-12 bug fix release, update recommended

- Added a Perl::Critic test t/critic.t (courtesy of Jeffrey Ryan
  Thalhammer, Test::Perl::Critic)

- Refactored parts of the code, mostly regular expressions - all
  tests pass

- Ran code through perltidy aswell (level 1 perlcritic warning)

- Ran code through Perl::Critic all the way to level1 and
  updated POD and code accordingly after reading the referenced
  sections in PBP - they all made perfect sense

  Checked with Lars Thegler on the use of 2 vs. 3 argument
  version of open and since FreeBSD 4.x is declared EoL,
  Perl 5.6.x is the official version and compability for older
  perl is no longer required, if somebody would require this I
  would be willing to invest the time and effort

- Fixed a bug reported by  Eric D. Peterson, he experienced
  problems with traversing all his packages and getting the
  information using new_from_file()

  Apparently the DBD::Oracle has a closure in which the package
  is defined. See: Oracle::DBD, t/oracle_package_bug.t and
  drafts/ for an example

  I have changed the package matching regular expression,
  considering using PPI it might however be serious overkill.

- Changed from ExtUtils::MakeMaker to Module::Build

- Added a Kwalitee test t/kwalitee.t
  (courtesy of chromatic, Test::Kwalitee)

- Added a test more to t/File.t

0.08 2004-11-13 bug fix release, update recommended

 - Improved the VERSION locating regular expression

 - Added use of Carp (also added in Makefile.PL)

 - Added t/00_load.t

 - Removed Multipackage files (no longer at part of the

 - new_from_file no longer supports list context, I have readded
   this to the TODO, since the implementation in 0.07 was not
   good, so multiple package definitions in files are no longer

 - Fixed serious bug in the setting of the version number, this
   bug only occurred on Linux boxes running Perl 5.8.4.

 - Added some better exception handling to the script

 - Added some more debug information to the script

 - Turned this CHANGES file upside down

 - Added CPAN testers to the ACKNOWLEDGE section

 - Added version_bug.t to t/ (not in distribution)

0.07 2004-09-19 bug fix release, update recommended

- Added list context for constructor (new_from_file)

- bin/ updated to accomodate this

0.06 2004-07-23 bug fix release, update recommended

- Patched with patch from LTHEGLER, should now work under
  5.005_03, open was using the unecessary 3 arguments instead of just two.

0.05 2004-02-28 maintenance release, update not neccessary

- Updated bin/ with POD required to have the script in
  the CPAN scripts directory ( The
  script was uploaded alone to PAUSE together with the release
  of 0.04

- Added handling of directories so it is possible to get version
  numbers of all perl modules in a directory recursively with

- Added INSTALL file

- Makefile.PL had a makeover

0.04 2004-01-10 maintenance release, update not neccessary

- Updated bin/ updated with error handling

- Update bin/ with $VERSION number, I think this is a
  requirement for scripts in the scripts section on CPAN

- Added File::Spec to Makefile.PL

- Fixed a few bugs in bin/ (I think I must have lost a
  version at some point)

- Added handling of .pl scripts

- Added a warning in the case where script is not a .pl or .pm

0.03 2003-12-20 maintenance release, update not neccessary

- POD cleaned and reviewed by Rias.

- ACKNOWLEDGE section added

- Added information to t/Info.t so if the Module::Info tests
  fail, the test asks the tester to mail me the information

0.02 2003-11-03 maintenance release, update not neccessary

- Added TODO file

- Added Changes file (this file)

- Added description to NAME section

- Added use of File::Basename to make test on Win32 work

- Fixed bug (rt: #4147) - broken tests on Win32

0.01 2003.09.30

Initial revision