Revision history for Mastodon::Client

0.017     2020-04-17 23:46:11+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added an example script to illustrate the use of Mastodon::Listener.
  * Fixes:
    * Stream parser in Mastodon::Listener can now handle long messages
      that did not fit in a single chunk (thanks Alexander Zaitsev!)
    * Corrected the minimum required version of Types::Standard

0.016     2019-10-13 12:23:24+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * A new 'latest_response' accessor makes it possible to retrieve the
      most recent response obtained from the server, to assist in error
    * Add caption and focus settings support to upload_media
      (thanks Eric Prestemon!).
    * We now ship a cpanfile specifying the distribution's dependencies and
      a Dockerfile (in 't') that can be used to run tests in an isolated
  * Changes:
    * The default user agent is now an instance of HTTP::Thin instead of
    * When coercing the Image type from a filename, we now use Path::Tiny's
      'slurp_raw' instead of the plain 'slurp'.
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed an issue with parameter validation closures that meant
      having multiple clients would leak data across them.
    * Fixed an issue that caused a failure when trying to update the 'scopes'
      attribute, which is now read-write (thanks Luc Didry!)
    * Fixed an issue caused by a missing coercion for Bool types.

0.015     2018-04-22 02:36:42+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Status entities now have a placeholder `emojis` attribute.
      This will likely need to be populated with a new entity.
  * Changes:
    * A successful call to `register` will overwrite the value
      of the client's `scopes` attribute to that passed as an
      argument (since those are the scopes that were requested
      from the server; thanks Shura0!).
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed an issue with authorisation of clients that used
      scopes other than `read` (thanks Shura0!)
    * Corrected an error in the documentation that stated that
      `register` accepted a hash reference instead of a hash.
    * Coercing attachment entities without `remote_url`s no longer
      results in an error.

0.014     2018-01-23 19:27:43+00:00 Europe/London

  * Changes:
    * Allowed warnings in tests because of an open issue with

0.013     2018-01-21 22:29:25+00:00 Europe/London

  * Changes:
    * [internal] Switched from AnyEvent to IO::Async.
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed a typo in the synopsis that could cause a server error
      when run (++Florian Obser).

0.012     2017-06-09 12:58:08+01:00 Europe/London

  * Changes:
    * Improved documentation, including a section with details about
      the OAuth2 process for obtaining IDs, secrets, and tokens

0.011     2017-05-10 15:59:57+01:00 Europe/London

  * Fixes:
    * Fix an issue with data preparation, which made authentication
      impossible (thanks @whiteisthenewblack!)

0.010     2017-05-08 00:15:59+01:00 Europe/London

  * Fixes:
    * Added AutoPrereq plugin for automatic dependency detection

0.009     2017-05-06 23:50:20+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added tidyall tests
  * Changes:
    * Switch to JSON::MaybeXS
    * Use Class::Load to programmatically load classes
    * Improved robustness of stream parsing
    * Simplified method to perform requests
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed syntax errors in POD
    * Fixed a missing import in Application entities
    * Reblog status method no longer calls DELETE

0.008     2017-04-22 02:45:33+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added documentation for entity and listener objects
    * Status and Account objects have some convenience methods
  * Changes:
    * Re-wrote Mastodon::Listener to use AnyEvent::HTTP
    * Added more attributes to Mastodon::Listener, making it more
      usable as a standalone class
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed an issue with entity coercions, that could cause some
      tests to fail
    * TCP tests are skipped if unable to establish a connection
    * Added more missing dependencies
    * Never coerce server responses for app registration

0.007     2017-04-18 16:12:15+01:00 Europe/London

  * Fixes:
    * Corrected list of provided packages (fixed broken release)
    * Add readme to distribution

0.006     2017-04-18 02:28:45+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added tests for more methods
    * Entity objects have experimental method shortcuts
  * Fixes:
    * Some of the GET methods did not correctly parse arguments
  * Changes:
    * The `uri` attribute for Status entities is not of type URI

0.005     2017-04-17 15:20:15+01:00 Europe/London

  * Fixes:
    * Fixed wrong links in POD

0.004     2017-04-17 15:14:15+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added some tests for GET requests, using Test::TCP
    * Added an example script to dump responses to GET requests,
      mainly for debug
  * Fixes:
    * Corrected some inconsistencies in the method signatures
      with what was documented
    * Do not try to coerce non-entity responses (ie. from OAuth2 flow)
    * Respect the value of coerce_entities in more methods
  * Changes:
    * The `authorized` attribute is now never undefined

0.003     2017-04-17 00:12:15+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added Travis CI configuration
  * Fixes:
    * Added some missing dependencies to dist.ini

0.002     2017-04-16 23:06:52+01:00 Europe/London

  * New:
    * Added convenience methods for all API endpoints
    * Added a `coerce_entities` option to turn JSON responses from
      Mastodon into Perl objects
    * Added more tests (suite is still far from complete!)
    * Added methods for sending DELETE and PATCH requests
    * Added this change log. :)
    * Several changes to dist.ini add repository data, META.json, etc.
    * Added documentation
  * Changes:
    * Interface of `timeline()` and `stream()` methods now more
      closely mirrors that of the rest of the distribution
  * Fixes:
    * Fixed several issues with passing arguments to requst functions


  * Initial release