Revision history for Interchange-Search-Solr

0.20 Wed Dec 25 13:45:38 2019 CET

     All changes done by Stefan Hornburg (Racke).


     * Rewrite maintainer_update method to get rid of streaming.
     * Add methods for index handlers (add, delete, commit).
     * Add num_docs method.
     * Add success, as_string and exception_message methods to Response class.

0.14 Fri Sep 21 13:21:50 2018 CEST

     [BUG FIXES]

     * Get rid of the Any::Moose prerequisite
       (Stefan Hornburg/Racke, GH #5).

0.13 Tue Aug 16 08:44:24 2016 CEST


     * Implement multiple sorting directives based on SQL::Abstract syntax
       (Marco Pessotto).
     * Die when status is not OK and return corresponding message
       (Pattawan Kaewduangdee, GH #8).
     * Add builder class for uri's (Pattawan Kaewduangdee, GH #6).

0.12 Sat Jan  9 08:45:59 2016 CET

     [BUG FIXES]

     * Add build prerequisite on YAML (Stefan Hornburg / Racke)
     * Fix typo in the LICENSE name in Makefile.PL script
       (Mohammad S Anwar, GH#4).

0.11 Fri Jan  8 09:02:04 2016 CET

     [BUG FIXES]

     * Fix broken MANIFEST.SKIP (Stefan Hornburg/Racke).

0.10 Thu Jan  7 10:11:14 2016 CET

     All changes done by Marco Pessotto.


     * Added first/next/previous/last page numbers to the paginator.
     * Add total_pages values to the paginator.
     * Prevent empty search unless explicitly permitted.
     * Filter out very short terms.
     * Filter out stopwords from search terms.
     * Add subclass of WebService::Solr::Response for error handling.


     * Add test file for weird error (probably due to Mouse).
     * Do not use SOLR_URL for testing as it may point to production
       Solr instance.
     * Adjust query test to our data.
     * Fix encoding test.
     * Add instructions and populate script for test instance.

0.09 Fri Jun 19 10:24:29 2015 CEST


	 * Add solr_update script to MANIFEST (Stefan Hornburg).


	 * Add meta resources to Makefile.PL (Stefan Hornburg).


	 * Add short description to main POD (Stefan Hornburg).
     * Update Github and CPAN links in main POD (Stefan Hornburg).

0.08 Wed Jun 17 15:18:08 2015 CEST

	* Initial release.