Java::JCR Revision History

0.07    2006-07-30 22:48    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * [ #20758] FIXED: Static methods work correctly now.
    * [ #20767] FIXED: Changed calendar routines so that they use the
      HOUR_OF_DAY constant rather than HOUR so that dates work correctly.
    * Added t/09-jackrabbit-timezone.t to better test time zone handling and
      reveal [ #20767].
    * Added t/10-property-type.t to test constants and such and to identify
      [ #20758].

0.06    2006-06-25 14:52    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Added register_node_types() to Java::JCR::Jackrabbit to allow for very
      simple node type registration.
    * Added t/08-jackrabbit-nodetypes.t and t/nodetypes.cnd to test the new node
      type registration functionality.
    * Updated a few of the Jackrabbit tests to make sure they call logout() on
      the session when finished to make sure the repository gets shutdown

0.05    2006-06-17 21:21    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Added the Java::JCR::Calendar class for handling Java-to-Perl and
    * Perl-to-Java date conversions.
    * Added built-in support for DateTime and Class::Date classes when using any
    * JCR method that returns a date or takes a date as an argument.
    * Added support for allowing the end-user to add custom conversions to use
    * other date classes instead of just those built-in.
    * Added t/07-jackrabbit-calendar.t t test the new date support.

0.04    2006-06-16 20:19    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Added the Java::JCR::Exception class for handling exceptions.
    * Updated inc/ to use the new exception class.
    * Added t/06-jackrabbit-exception.t to test the new exception class.
    * Altered inc/ so that it does not generate any class
      ending with "Exception".
    * All classes ending with "Exception" (other than Java::JCR::Exception) have
      been removed.

0.03    2006-06-12 20:31    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Fixed a bug in inc/ that resulted in the new array
      handling code not being included when necessary.
    * Added unit tests to find this bug and to cover the most common tasks.
    * Added use strict and use warnings to the examples.
    * Added a test for errors in the POD.
    * Added POD to Java::JCR::Jackrabbit.

0.02    2006-06-12 07:36    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Switched Jar files to slf4j-jdk14-1.0.1.jar from slf4j-log4j12-1.0.jar and
      dropped log4j.
    * Updated inc/ to handle the case when methods return
    * Updated inc/ to include $VERSION variables in the
      generated files.
    * Regenerated the packages using inc/
    * Updated Java::JCR::Base to handle methods that return arrays.
    * Added documentation to Java::JCR::Base.

0.01    2006-06-07 18:39    Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp

    * Original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.47
    * Generated the initial code and improved until it was capable of loading a
      Jackrabbit repository and able to run the first three "hop" examples from