Revision history for DBIx-Perlish

0.34  Mon Jan  7 17:19:15 2008
       Add support for getting next value of a sequence
       using "next" with a label argument syntax.
       Selects without table specification are valid if there
       is anything to return.  Still handle Oracle specially.

0.33  Wed Dec 12 11:43:20 2007
       Fix a bug in special import syntax implementation.
       Add special import syntax tests.

0.32  Tue Nov  6 10:07:13 2007
       Fix incorrect regex handling with sqlite driver.

0.31  Wed Oct 17 13:14:54 2007
       Add new import syntax to ease working with
       multiple DB handles at the same time, and
       document various ways to use multiple database
       handles with Perlish.
       Add support for sort as an alternative to
       order_by: label syntax.

0.30  Tue Oct 16 14:31:59 2007
       When run under Devel::Cover, do some cheating,
       so that query subs that are parsed appear to
       be "covered" (statements & subs).
       Add tests to provide better test coverage.
       Implement explicit logical AND.
       Fix logical OR precedence problems in generated SQL.
       Allow returns to be evaluated conditionally
       (so that a single query sub can return different
       things, depending on the outside information).
       Please CPAN::Reporter.

0.29  Tue Oct  9 15:16:48 2007
       Allow aliased constants in return statements.

0.28  Mon Oct  1 09:32:55 2007
       Add support for inline views.

0.27  Wed Jul 11 16:53:40 2007
       Fix a tricky bug with outer lexical variables used inside a union
       and friends.
       Do not require semicolons between chained union-like constructs.

0.26  Fri Jun 22 15:25:10 2007
       Specialcase selects from DUAL in Oracle.

0.25  Thu May 10 12:48:40 2007
       Bugfix for inherited db handles.

0.24  Thu May  3 09:30:20 2007
       Understand ++,+= etc in updates.
       Various documentation fixes.
       Add support $m = {%h} syntax for bulk updates.

0.23  Mon Mar 26 23:44:14 2007
       Support inherited database handles.
       Add special handling for package global $dbh.

0.22  Tue Mar 20 12:10:33 2007
       Understand multi-level hash dereferencing.
       Make empty updates not valid.

0.21  Thu Mar  8 16:45:26 2007
       Understand `` for verbatim SQL.
       Fixes to make it work with 5.9.5.

0.20  Tue Mar  6 12:24:35 2007
       Add support for variable column names.
       Make the module be compatible with

0.19  Wed Feb 28 16:58:35 2007
       Modify the code so that it is usable with
       Better daignostic messages.
       Joins understand <= as well as => delimiter.
       Make db_select {} an alias to db_fetch {}.
       Add support for <- @$ary and <- [1,2,3].

0.18  Wed Feb 21 19:57:17 2007
       Comparisons with undefined values are converted into
       proper SQL syntax.
       Inside regular expressions, interpolate hash and hashref
       Implemented except {}.
       Various types of joins implemented (by Dmitry Karasik).

0.17  Tue Feb 20 10:26:21 2007
       Added autogrouping when aggregates were seen in the return statement.

0.16  Fri Feb 16 21:49:06 2007
       Column descriptors can be embedded in strings.
       More tests.
       More docs.
       Pod coverage test fix.
       Added support for defined() as IS NOT NULL.
       Added support for tab->id  <-  @ary syntax.

0.15  Fri Feb 16 10:26:44 2007
       sql() is now prototyped.
       Implemented union {} and intersect {}.
       String concatenation is now supported.

0.14  Tue Feb 13 16:32:50 2007
       Added post-if parse-time simple conditionals.
       Added interpolation of scalars in regular expresions.
       Added special handling of sysdate() in Oracle.
       Verbatim sql() in inserts.
       Verbatim sql() in query subs.
       Support expressions in return statements.

0.13  Fri Feb  9 12:28:20 2007
       Added an ability to return complete table (tab.*).
       Added two ways to specify table names at run-time.
       Added an ability to use $hash{const} and $hash->{const} as values.
       More tests.
       More docs.

0.12  Wed Feb  7 13:24:19 2007
       Documentation and makefile cleanup.

0.11  Wed Feb  7 12:38:38 2007
       Sub-queries can refer to tables in the outer scope.
       Translate "lc" and "uc" to "lower" and "upper", respectively.
       Added support to EXISTS-style sub-queries.
       Added support for SELECT DISTINCT.
       Added support for special labels syntax.

0.10  Tue Feb  6 09:46:58 2007
       Added support for simple funcalls.
       PadWalker module is now optional.
       Terms can stand by themselves.

0.09  Mon Feb  5 14:27:52 2007
       Added db_update().

0.08  Mon Feb  5 12:16:22 2007
       Added support of subselects on threaded perls.
       Regexes on older versions of SQLite made to work.
       Implemented db_insert().

0.07  Sun Feb  4 23:18:07 2007
       Added regex support for SQLite.
       Added support for "OR".

0.06  Sun Feb  4 19:07:15 2007
       Db_delete & delete implemented.
       Native regexes are used if supported by RDBMS.
       Case-insensitive regex matching supported.

0.05  Sat Feb  3 23:28:15 2007
       Subselects with <- syntax added.

0.04  Thu Feb  1 13:08:29 2007
       More docs.
       Added OO interface.
       Added init().
       Fixed parsing of the constants in perl 5.8.4.
       Added support for return ($u->id, foo => $z->name).
       Added suppression of some warnings.

0.03  Thu Feb  1 13:08:29 2007
       More docs.
       Introduce $SQL & @BIND_VALUES globals (for debugging).

0.02  Thu Feb  1 10:06:49 2007
       Binary comparison operators work.
       Four binary arithmetic operators work.
       last unless 5..20 works.
       First cut at working db_fetch {}.

0.01  Fri Jan 26 14:54:23 2007
       Initial release.