- Works now with neon 0.16.1
    - ne_xml_validate_cb callback is now available in Perl
    - lock_discover callback now gets the lock data structure as hash
    - added eg/lock.pl example for locking and lock_discover


    - Make return parameter from options methods available
    - Turn ne_lock from object to a hash, so locks are usable


    - Add DESTROY methods for all classes (before we had only
      DESTROY for classes that calls ne_destroy_xxx), so we
      are sure memory and internal data structures are cleaned
      up correctly.


    - tested against neon 0.15.1


    - remove request_ prefix for HTTP::Webdav::Request methods
    - all *destroy* methods are now called DESTROY, so they are
      called automaticly when the Perl variables that holds the
      object goes out of scope.
    - DESTORY methods now clears up some internaly datastructures
      to avoid memory leaks.   


    - compiles and works on Windows
    - clenaup of Constants.pm, so everything is correctly defined


    - Works now with neon 0.15.0
    - Function and namespace renames due to renames in neon
    - fixed compiler warnings


    - change PV to void * to make it work with Perl 5.6.0+.
      Spotted by Brian Wallis.


    - rename to HTTP::Webdav to fit better into CPAN