Revision history for Locale-Country-Multilingual

0.07    10/27/2008
        - added correct Unicode support (Bernhard Graf)
        - updated and fixed some errors in country data files (Bernhard Graf)
        - tie language data to the class, not the instance (Bernhard Graf)
	- possibility to preload language files at compile time (Bernhard Graf)
	- added method assert_lang() to check availability (Bernhard Graf)
	- changed from hashes to arrays where possible (Bernhard Graf)
	- documentation (Bernhard Graf)
	- tests for new features (Bernhard Graf)

0.06    8/11/2008 14:54
        Thanks to Andreas Marienborg for Norwegian dat file.

0.05    5/23/2008 7:31
        Thanks to michele ongaro for Japanese dat files.

0.04    5/22/2008  22:38
        Thanks to michele ongaro for Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/French dat files.

0.03    12/21/2007 16:16
        add tw.dat

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.