0.900201 2014-09-30
    - Fix for 5.18 and 5.20
    - Don't copy column data from schema that does anything other
      than define data type.  e.g. autoinc stuff

0.900200 2010-07-24
    - No longer use 'scalar gmtime' for set_date in ChangeSet;
      that was brittle and doesn't work on many databases, now
      we just use DBIx::Class::TimeStamp

0.900102 2010-06-23
    - Fix a bad test and a silly assumption in population code

0.900101 2010-05-11
    - Reupload because of a missing version number

0.900100 2010-05-11
    - Tiny bit of doc, besides that it's all of the below.

0.900001_06 2010-04-30
    - Fixed silly bug where update and delete didn't return what they were supposed to

0.900001_05 2010-04-29
    - Removed undocumented override of deploy()
    - Added prepopulate_journal() to bootstrap insert logs, for retrofitting (oliver)
    - Added bootstrap_journal() which calls deploy_journal() and then prepopulate_journal() (oliver)

0.900001_04 2010-04-27
    - Lots of documentation tweaks (oliver)
    - Fix a bug caused by storing state of row BEFORE update instead of after (oliver)
    - RT56175: allow tables to have a prefix
    - RT56179: insert change_id, not change object, into audit log

0.900001_03 2010-02-18
    - Journal schema is now in it's own virtual package instead of being in
      DBIx::Class::Schema::Journal::DB so a user should be able to have
      multiple journals without them mingling
    - No longer depend on Test::TempDir so this should build on windows
    - Use Class::C3::Componentised instead of DBIx::Class::Componentised
    - Fixed syntax error in SYNOPSIS
    - Lots of cleanup (deleting unused files, commented out code, etc)
    - Switched to Module::Install instead of EU::MM

    - The one time I forget to run disttest, the MANIFEST file mysteriously
      disappears... *sigh*

    - insert records a history row as well
    - SQL::Translator is required to run the test suite
    - Add EvalWrap subclass, that suppressed errors and warns instead, useful
      for when having no errors is preferable over partial journal data
    - various refactoring
    - correct journalling of recreated data (data with a primary key that
      previously existed)
    - update to DBIx::Class's versioning scheme

0.02_01 2008-07-30
    - deployment at connect time is disabled by default, set journal_auto_deploy to reenable
    - $main_schema->deploy deploys the journalling tables too
    - support multi column primary keys
    - rename Change to ChangeLog to avoid conflict with mysql reserved word
    - fix schema composition when sharing connection
    - support for nested transactions (produce one changeset, but support stubs
      for nested changesets in place)
    - removed dummy table
    - various other cleanups
    - calling current_changeset outside of txn_do is fatal
    - fix 'now()' default value, timestamp happens in perl space instead
    - also call txn_do on the journal schema if the storage object differs
    - don't call txn_begin twice

0.01 2007-08-11:
Initial version