0.75 2016-05-30
  - no change from 0.74_1

0.74_1 2016-05-28
  - build updates

0.74 Fri Dec 4 22:09:47 2015 -0500
  - no change from 0.73_1

0.73_1 Sun Nov 29 10:15:44 2015 -0500
  - Improved support for 64bit indexing (kmx)
  - PDL::GSL::CDF facelift (kmx)
  - kmeans test workaround (kmx)
  - messages for various tests (kaoru)
  - doc-building improvements

0.72 Mon Aug 31 18:54:08 BST 2015
  - changelog test in CI
  - remove erroneous dep on PDL::GSL::CDF

0.71 Sat Aug 29 18:54:08 BST 2015
  - Beef up CI with optional requirements spelled out and apt installed
  - kmeans and kmeans_bad tests retry, marked TODO as fails on clang
  - add badges to README and rename to Markdown file
  - Print out kmeans_bad test for debugging.
  - Metadata fix
  - Add manifest test, remove META.yml from main MANIFEST

0.70    18/08/2015
  - Updated to work with PDL-2.008. More tests for anova.

0.6.5   11/03/2013
  - Updated to work with PDL-2.007. Real 64bit support yet to come.

0.6.4   09/05/2013
  - Make 'cpan PDL::Stats' work.

0.6.3   05/05/2013
  - binomial_test() bug fix -- [rt.cpan.org #82725]
  - pmf_poisson() updated to handle large input values thanks to David Mertens.
  - ols() bad value support update thanks to Ingo Schmid.
  - anova(), anova_rptd() bad value support update.

0.6.2   04/29/2012
  - Windows pdldoc database install fix.

0.6.1   04/24/2012
  - Bails out of installation if running under perl 5.15.0 to 5.15.8 but allows --force to attempt a build regardless.

0.6.0   04/08/2012
  - Added group_by() method in Basic.pm.
  - Updates pdl doc database.
  - Bails out of installation if running under perl 5.14.0 to 5.15.8.
  - Removed old deprecated method get_data() from Basic.pm
  - Moved no slatec warning from module to test. Removed lvalue assignments from tests.

0.5.5   04/22/2011
  - GLM Windows 32-bit test bug fix; GLM quits installation with PDL-2.4.7 warning. Documentation update.

0.5.4   04/19/2011
  - GLM pca() and plot_scores() can do cov version.
  - [rt.cpan.org #67557] Undo PREREQ_FATAL => 1 in Makefile.PL.

0.5.3   04/18/2011
  - stats_glm.t pca() test SLATEC vs. MatrixOps precision fix.

0.5.2   04/17/2011
  - stats_glm.t pca() test precision fix.

0.5.1   04/16/2011
  - ***GLM pca() return value names updated*** to be more compatible with the literature.
  - GLM added plot_scores(); plot_scree() name changed to plot_screes() for consistency across plotting functions.
  - Updated plotting functions to default to png in Windows because GW doesn't reopen after close.

0.5.0	04/02/2011
  - Updated tests to use __DATA__ instead of separate test data files.
  - GLM added interaction_code(); bug fix for dummy_code().
  - GLM added ols_rptd()!
  - GLM added plot_residual().
  - GLM eval wrapped optional modules; replaced perl reverse sort with slice (-1:0).
  - Basic added binomial_test().
  - TS updated plot_season() to season_m(); deprecated a few old function names, filt_exp(), filt_ma(), and dsea().

0.4.3	04/08/2010
  - Distr::plot_distr() bug fix.
  - Kmeans::kmeans() pod update.

0.4.2	03/27/2010
  - rtable() added to PDL::Basic. get_data() deprecated. Preparing for transitioning to using rcols() for IO.
  - perldl online help support! (ie "? stdv" in perldl works)

0.4.1	02/02/2010
  - GLM anova anova_rptd IVNM default val matched to [].
  - Makefile.PL exit 0 without PDL::Lite.
  - TS added wmape
  - pod fix for CPAN

0.4.0	01/24/2010
  - GLM anova_rptd supports between subject factors! We are now beta!

0.3.2	01/08/2010
  - Kmeans kmeans CNTRD checks undef besides PDL->null. opt{V} printout update
  - Kmeans added which_cluster
  - Kmeans pca_cluster does scree plot with cutoff line
  - GLM logistic pod update
  - GLM anova anova_rptd pca plot_scree plotting options update

0.3.1	12/16/2009
  - Removed pms--relying on pdl-stats.sourceforge.net for web documentation instead of CPAN. Minor pod update.
  - GLM::ols_t removed $y->squeeze, so that edge case like ols_t on 1 obs threads properly (y[1,10]->ols_t(x[1,10]->dummy(1), {const=>0}) gives b[1,10]).
  - GLM::anova_rptd se fix.
  - GLM::anova and anova_rptd plot se fix.
  - PDL::Stats::TS included. ***alpha alpha*** code! Included because I'm tired of maintaining it separately from PDL::Stats.

0.3.0	12/03/2009
  - GLM::anova_rptd! works for purely within designs
  - GLM::anova bug fix--not messing up caller @ if passed @ ref in IV instead of pdl
  - Change prereq from PDL to PDL::Lite
  - Stats.pm quick-start guide update
  - t/stats_glm logistic test modified to use more proper numbers in x

0.2.8	11/04/2009
  - Fixed minor bug (mismatched nseed and self cluster pdls. oops) in switching to use cluster assignment as stop criteria. btw initial R2 now based on self instead of seeds.

0.2.7	11/04/2009
  - GLM::plot_scree allows directly passing NCOMP. plots cutoff line for screes if requested
  - kmeans stops when cluster assignment no longer changes instead of using R2CRT.
  - If not specified, Kmeans::pca_cluster studies scree plot to determine NCOMP
      Basic::get_data STDERR message fix: data pdl o x v, NOT v x o

0.2.6	10/12/2009
  - anova bad value se bug fix
  - centroid bad value empty cluser bug fix
  - basic, glm, distr rid of nan and use bad value instead

0.2.5   09/17/2009
  - PREREQ_FATAL => 1 in Makefile.PL
  - added pca_cluster in Kmeans.
  - anova one-way bug fix.
  - plot_means one-way bug fix.

0.2.4   09/02/2009
  - added corr_table in PDL::Stats::Basic.
  - PDL::Stats::GLM::pca uses corr_table.
  - kmeans no longer quits with empty cluster. kmeans 3d threading bug fix.
  - use short-circuit ISBAD(a) || ISBAD(b) instead of ISGOOD(a) && ISGOOD(b) in bad value processing.

0.2.3   08/24/2009
  - ***anova interface change*** IV names now passed in \%opt instead of @ ref. I appologize for the interface change, but it matches the new method plot_means, and makes it easier to pass IVs themselves. I promise that such interface changes will be extremely rare, if at all.
  - anova now supports bad value in DV.
  - Added plot_means in PDL::Stats::GLM. anova plots highest order interaction by default.
  - Added plot_scree in PDL::Stats::GLM. pca does scree plot by default.
  - Added pca_sorti in PDL::Stats::GLM.
  - plot_distr in PDL::Stats::Distr accepts WIN option
  - Set prerequisite PDL => 2.4.4, which has bad value support by default

0.2.2   07/23/2009
  - stats_distr.t moved form t/ to Distr/t, ie skip the test if no GSL.
  - more kmeans fix (4d, seeding). added seeded kmeans tests.

0.2.1   07/22/2009
  - kmeans 4d fix. added pms dir for cpan pod parse

0.2.0   07/21/2009
  - kmeans threads! ss/ms bug fix. more tests on kmeans added.

0.1.3   07/17/2009
  - quick-start for non-PDL people in Stats.pm pod
  - ols_t uses double internally. GLM pod update
  - r2_change threads (switched to use ols_t instead of ols)
  - get_data which_id moved to Basic from GLM
  - tests grouped in PDL-Stats/t except for PDL::GSL::CDF

0.1.2   07/15/2009
  - Cleaned up some versioning stuff in Stats.pm
  - GLM::get_data TYPE default to double. MISSN handling update; set to BAD by default.
  - Case insensitive option passing.

0.1.1   07/14/2009
  - Fixed PDL::Stats::GLM::ols b_p value for b_t < 0.

0.1.0   07/13/2009
  - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.