Changes for lib::projectroot

1.006   2018-10-18T15:43:25
    - doc fix: missing $ sign in SYNOPSIS (David Schmidt)

1.005   2016-02-17T11:02:19
    - new options extra_with_local

1.004   2015-07-07T13:52:26
    - $ROOT is now a package global, so we can read it from the outside

1.003   2015-05-04T22:16:08
    - allow extra=.. as the only argument

1.002   2015-05-04T22:04:25 (never released to CPAN)
    - load extra via import
    - fix some english grammar errors (spotted by sixtease)

1.001   2014-12-08T19:40:24
    - fixed testlib to work on more OSes (as reported by cpantesters)
    - fixed link in POD

1.000	2014-12-07T14:54:54
	- first inital release
	- see for some pre-release discussions