Revision history for Plack::Middleware::PrettyException
all changes by Thomas Klausner unless noted otherwise

1.006   2018-03-15T22:29:53
    - Fixed minor typo in the pod. (Mohammad S Anwar)

1.005   2018-03-15T11:56:03
    - remove a warning when rendering html

1.004   2017-09-18T16:11:43
    - render exception object if it's a Throwable::X

1.003   2017-05-26T12:59:36
    - pass exception object to render_html_error, so we can also render the error
      based on $e->ident

1.002   2017-03-02T23:05:04
    - handle 30x redirects

1.001	2017-01-18T11:34:52
    - add force_json, not as good as proper content detection, but good enough
      for now

1.000   2016-12-23T12:12:58
    - added tests & docs
    - implemented streamed response / response_cb
    - extracted from Validad::Tools