Changes for InfluxDB::LineProtocol

1.009   2017-01-16T17:07:19
    - Fix spelling mistakes (Guillem Jover)
    - Add minimum perl version using dzil plugin (Mohammad S Anwar)

1.008	2016-09-06T15:05:31
    - clean up git mess (Thomas Klausner)

1.007   2016-01-26T11:55:55
    - feat(extract) formatting methods
    - add precision support (Thomas Klausner)

1.006   2015-11-18T08:42:31
    - fix(typo) (Thomas Klausner)
    - Ignore and do not send undefined values (koki)
    - Fixes padding bug in the creation of nanosecond timestamps (Mark Grimes)

1.005   2015-09-24T00:15:06
    - handle old (0.9.2) version of line protocol (Thomas Klausner,
      spotted by Jose Luis Martinez)
    - Bug fix: Ensures timestamp won't be converted to scientific
      notation (Mark Grimes)

1.004   2015-08-03T23:09:51
    - field value escaping
    - more tests
    - skip negative exponent test on MSWin32
    - make boolean regex work with older perls

1.003	2015-08-02 12:38:56
    - support for boolean values
    - added SEE-ALSO link to AnyEvent-InfluxDB
    - support for exponential numbers (Jose Luis Martinez)

1.002   2015-07-30T14:01:47
    - support for negative numbers (Jose Luis Martinez)

1.001   2015-07-26T17:54:04
    - tests require Perl 5.12
    - fix some typos in docs

1.000	2015-07-22T12:27:45
    - first internal release
    - extracted code from Validad internal tools