# Revision history for WWW-Wikipedia-TemplateFiller

version: 0.10
date:    2009-01-29
  - (bug #42908) rename "chembox new" to "chembox"
  - Ugly hack for Mac OS X's case-insensitive but case-preserving

version: 0.09
date:    2008-11-25
  - (bug #41162) another attempt to fix 'make test' in perl 5.10.x
  - this entailed removing references to sprintf() in the code, as
    sprintf() is currently complaining about the use of tainted
    (cf. http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=41162#txn-537097)

version: 0.08
date:    2008-11-23
  - (bug #41162) fix 'make test' in perl 5.10.x
  - in fixing above, switched template parameter descriptions from
    older 'field', '-field', and '+field' notation to using more
    descriptive names in a hash (eg, "field => { value => 'foo', show
    => 'if-extended' }", etc.)

version: 0.07
date:    2008-11-18
  - (bug #41053) get() now dies if $id is undefined
  - in fixing this bug, change W::W::TF::S::PubmedcentralId.pm to no
    longer inherit from PubmedId; now calls to get() are routed
    through $self->filler->get() to ensure that W::W::TF's get()
    (which appropriately handles empty IDs) is called
  - WebApp.pm now traps errors thrown during template filling and
    issues error message appropriately, preventing the die() from
    being propagated to Apache

version: 0.06
date:    2008-11-17
  - (bug #41005) vertical pipes in HTML page titles are escaped to
    | to avoid conflict with Wikipedia template syntax

version: 0.05
date:    2008-11-16
  - proper handling of dont_use_etal attribute

version: 0.04
date:    2008-11-15
  - (bug #40960) update test suite to work if NCBI error 803 appears
    while pmc_ids are being fetched
  - require WWW::Search::PubMedLite version 0.05 for better error
    handling in case pmc_id cannot be fetched
  - better ISBNdb access key support

version: 0.03
date:    2008-11-09
  - fix tests to be compatible with latest version of WWW::Search::PubMedLite

version: 0.02
date:    2008-11-09
  - add description to README and TemplateFiller.pm
  - bugfix: if title cannot be found for URL, the URL's host is used instead

version: 0.01
date:    2008-05-18
  - initial revision