# Change log for HTML::WikiConverter

version: 0.22
date:    ??
 - (bug 12396) added command line tool bin/html2wiki
 - (bug 12393) added 'wrap_in_html' option to wrap HTML input in
   <html> and </html> prior to wiki conversion
 - (bug 12303) bracketed content is nowiki-escaped if it resembles an
    external link reference in MediaWiki dialect
  - add <td> whitespace trimming to PmWiki dialect

version: 0.21
date:    Thu Mar 17 13:36:00 2005
 - misc. documentation fixes
 - use '' as default return value from base_uri() method
 - add 'wiki_uri' parameter to specify how wiki links are formed
 - add get_attr_str() and get_wiki_page() utility methods
 - rename elem_contents() to get_elem_contents() for consistency
 - added support for PmWiki
 - fix post-process whitespace trimming that was mucking with
   significant leading spaces; now only leading newlines and
   all trailing whitespace is stripped
 - add URI 1.35 requirement (though some earlier versions will
   probably work)
 - fix whitespace trimming in test suite
 - added new tests
 - Kwiki-specific changes:
    - add <strike> as alias of <s>
    - add <caption> preprocessing to convert it into a <p>
    - update wiki link handling code to use get_wiki_page()
    - removed markup around CamelCase links
 - MediaWiki-specific changes:
    - use new get_wiki_page() utility method
    - no longer passes a full URI to basename(); uses URI->path()
    - added support for attributes in <table>, <tr>, and <td>
 - MoinMoin-specific changes:
    - add <caption> preprocessing as in Kwiki
    - make rules less redundant (use 'alias' rule)
 - PhpWiki-specific changes:
    - add <caption> preprocessing as in Kwiki
    - improve support for <dl>
 - UseMod-specific changes:
    - add <caption> preprocessing as in Kwiki

version: 0.20
date:    Sat Mar 12 00:59:29 2005
 - complete rewrite, significant API changes
 - added support for Kwiki, MediaWiki, MoinMoin, PhpWiki, and UseMod

version: 0.17
date:    Wed July 7 12:40:33 PDT 2004
 - update test suite
 - remove warnings reported by cpan testers
 - lots of documentation additions
 - MediaWiki changes:
    - 'wikify_span' now removes elements intended
      only for URL expansion (as used by the MonoBook skin)
    - 'wikify_link' does not wikify anchor tags (i.e.
      A tags must have an HREF attribute)
    - bug fix: table heading markup like "! bgcolor=black !"
      is now properly generated as "! bgcolor=black |"
    - TH now accepts a colspan and rowspan attribute
    - "colspan=1" attribute is now stripped from table cells
      that only span a single column. Likewise for "rowspan"
    - added "taxo_format" option to help format taxoboxes
    - align attribute is now preserved in TH and TD
    - add "add_nowiki" parameter for adding NOWIKI tags
      around {{messages}}
    - table caption handling using "|+" wiki table markup
    - better nested table handling; a newline is now added
      before the "{|" for nested tables
    - improved handling of image thumbnails -- image names
      like "200px-blahblahblah" refer to thumbnailed images,
      so "200px-" is now stripped off and "200px" is added
      to the list of attributes for the [[Image:]] markup
    - now uses warnings, strict

version: 0.16
date:    Fri May 28 12:33:14 PDT 2004
 - Added 'elem_style_attr_props' method for parsing the STYLE attribute
 - Tags that are meant to be stripped (e.g. HTML, META, HEAD) no longer
   need to be explicitly assigned an empty replacement handler (they
   can simply be excluded from the list of tag handlers)
 - Added handling of non-breaking elements (e.g. in some dialects, such
   as MediaWiki, P tags should not have any embedded newlines)
 - Fixed whitespace handling in H::W::Dialect
 - Documentation additions
 - Added benchmarking option
 - MediaWiki: added colspan and rowspan to allowed TD attrs
 - MW: Now supports 'pretty_tables' option for making nice borders/shading
 - MW: Removed arbitrary 20-char limit in conversion of {{...}} magic
 - MW: "[1]"-style links are now handled properly
 - MW: Hex codes/HTML entities in URLs now translated to appropriate char
   (requires URI::Escape)
 - MW: Major list handling cleanup and bug fixes
 - MW: Added new realworld test (my User: page)

version: 0.15
date:    Thu May 20 8:50:37 PDT 2004
 - Split module into several separate modules
 - HTML::WikiConverter is still the main interface
 - Added support for wiki dialects via HTML::WIkiConverter::Dialect interface
 - Added HTML::WikiConverter::Dialect
 - Added HTML::WikiConverter::Dialect::MediaWiki
 - Added HTML::WikiConverter::Dialect::PhpWiki
 - Added HTML::WikiConverter::Dialect::Kwiki
 - Fixed spacing issues in tidy_whitespace
 - Added container, block, and line element handling
 - Now supports multiply-indented blocks

version: 0.14
date:    Sun May 17 7:18:09 PDT 2004
 - 'wikify_default' now called 'passthru'
 - NOWIKI blocks are no longer preserved
 - Bug fix: Add newline to HTML msource before wikification --
   aboids apparent bugs in HTML::TreeBuilder that
   prevent proper tag handling
 - Added trim method
 - Bug fix: Extra whitespace in PRE blocks no longer
 - Can now handle "[[language]]s" links (with trailing

version: 0.12
date:    Thu May 14 5:23:08 PDT 2004
 - Bug fix: removed reference to non-existent 'has_parent'
   method within '_elem_has_ancestor' function
 - Bug fix: fixed potential bug in 'wikify_list_item'
   which used $node->parent->tag eq '...' instead of
   _elem_has_ancestor($node, '...')
 - Now supports definition lists via ; and :
 - Now supports indentation via :
 - Replaced code handler for P tag with flank handler
 - Replaced code handler for OL/UL tags with flank handlers
 - Renamed 'wikify_heading' method to 'wikify_h' for
   consistency with other wikify_* handlers
 - NOWIKI blocks are now preserved
 - Introduced beginnings of Unicode support with the
   use of HTML entities to HTML-escape high-bit characters
 - Added more tests to t/test.t

version: 0.11
date:    Sun May 10 1:01:09 PDT 2004
 - added wikify_default code handler for tags
   that should be preserved. (Tags without handlers
   are removed from the wiki markup by default.
   So, for example, "<TAG>content</TAG>" becomes
   "content". By assigning the TAG to wikify_default,
   the resulting wiki markup is "<tag>content</tag>".)
   All tag attributes are preserved as well.
 - Added wikify_span
 - Now preserves FONT, SUP, and SUB tags
 - SPAN tags are converted into FONT if possible

version: 0.10
date:    Thu May 07 3:10:04 PDT 2004
  - Initial release