Revision history for Versionify-Dispatch

0.2.4  Mon Nov  2 2009
       Removed Readonly as a test dependency
       Added repository metadata
       Added version consistency author test

0.2.3  Sun Aug  9 2009
       Version consistency (README file was old)
       Recorded Test::More as a dependency in the README file

0.2.2  Thu Aug  6 2009
       Changed Test::More from a runtime to a buildtime dependency

0.2.1  Mon Jul 20 2009
       Improved test coverage
       Fixed version number in POD

0.2.0  Fri Jul 17 2009
       Fixed register method to work when no function mapping already existed
       Fixed typos and errors in POD

0.1.0  Tue Jun 16 2009
       Fixed the problem where the set_function method didn't exist
       Added the register method for politely adding new version -> function
            mappings to an existing dispatcher

0.0.3  Tue Jun  9 2009
       Marking the author tests as such.

0.0.2  Mon Jun  8 2009
       Install/test fixes for issues raised by cpan-testers automatic testing

0.0.1  Sun Jun  7 2009
       Initial release.