Revision history for Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Extensible

1.00    2016-08-26
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Cache logged in user and roles (GH-51)

0.40    2015-04-30
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Login handlers go straight to homepage if user was already logged in
          (thanks to @colinmkeith, GH-32)
        - Kwalitee improvements from Michael Gray (mjg17) as part of the awesome
          pull request challenge (GH-43, GH-44, GH-45, GH-46)
        [ SECURITY ]
        - Ensure the username and password we got were straight scalars, to
          avoid potential for "JSON SQL injection" if they came from a
          deserialised JSON POST body, and contained a hashref that, if fed to
          e.g. SQL::Abstract or such, would cause a different query to what we'd

0.30    2013-11-14
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Typo fix and whatis entry courtesy of Debian team
        - POD fix (Matt West)

0.20    2013-01-30
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - Use return_url to redirect back to requested page after logging in
          (GH #14, thanks to @dagolden)
        - require_role can now take a regex to match (GH #16, thanks to

        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - authenticate_user is now exported (thanks to melmothX on IRC)

0.10    2012-12-19
        [ ENHANCEMENTS ]
        - WARNING: backwards incompatible change!
          The original approach using subroutine attributes was pretty, but not
          always reliable (particularly with regards to thread safety, or
          running under the debugger or Devel::Cover etc).
          Since this module is still in it's early life and not widely used,
          I've refactored entirely, to use new requires_login / requires_role 
          etc keywords, which wrap the provided coderef in a coderef which 
          checks if the user is logged in / has the required role(s), before
          running the route handler provided.
        - Configurable /login, /logout URLs - Rene (hertell)

0.04    2012-12-15
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Throw an error properly if not configured correctly - safer to refuse
          for anything to be served than to potentially serve stuff the user
          expected to be protected if their config is wrong.

0.03    2012-12-07
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - import Dancer DSL keywords, so call to debug() if user record is not
          found doesn't cause horrific fiery explosions (reported by rwb)

0.02    2012-12-07
        [ BUG FIXES ]
        - Various bug fixes and improvements, including POD fix from cebjyre,
          fixing broken register_plugin call by racke

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.