Revision history for Continuity. See the main repository for a detailed list of
internal changes.

Version 1.2.0 (released 2010.11.22)
  * Refactor PSGI adaptor (scrottie)
  * Random documentation updates

Version 1.1.1 (released 2010.02.05)
  * Add PSGI Adapter! Try "plackup -s Coro"
  * Remove experimental Plack adapter
  * PSGI adapter uses AnyEvent, the rest of Continuity will too soon
  * Misc cleanups

Version 1.01 (released 2009.06.06)
  * Allow callbacks to add callbacks without them getting deleted
  * Build README from pod and update copyleft dates

Version 1.0 (released 2009.05.09)
  * Improve Continuity::RequestCallbacks documentation
  * Add callback clearing options
  * Add test for callbacks

Version 0.998 (released 2009.02.28)
  * Add RequestCallback mixin along with some documentation
  * New inspect API
  * Kill a race condition on watching for the inspector callback to finish

Version 0.997 (released 2008.12.11)
  * Forgot to update Changes file for 0.996
  * Fix debug_callback for adapters
  * Slight test-suite improvement
  * POD updates
  * Remove BETA warning!

Version 0.995 (released 2008.08.03)
  * Add work-around in Makefile.PL to possibly fix dependency order issue
  * Make the list of allowed HTTP methods configurable
  * Fixed bugs in error response
  * Added a debug_callback for redirecting debug output
  * Include an error message when "do" fails
  * Thanks to John Beppu and Shawn M Moore for patches :)

Version 0.994 (released 2008.06.17)
  * List event as a prereq to make Coro::Event build better
  * Inspector bugfixes for debug_level and send_basic_header
  * Update examples - and params example

Version 0.993 (released 2008.05.13)
  * Fix endless loop when calling $request->param()
  * Add parameter example and test
  * Add telnet terminal example

Version 0.992 (released 2008.05.11)
  * Improve $request->param method and documentation
  * Minor internal changes

Version 0.991 (released 2008.03.18)
  * Set Coro version requirement to 4.37 so it will pass tests
  * Add test_helper to MANIFEST

Version 0.99 (released 2008.03.18)
  * Update tests to fork and self-execute to help cpan-testers
  * Run against localhost instead of the given server name to help cpan-testers
  * Remove lvalue based accessors, perl debugger now works a bit
  * Minor documentation fixes

Version 0.98 (released 2008.03.12)
  * Add test suite, building on code samples (BDD!)
  * Documentation improvement
  * Make the print and send_headers methods chainable
  * Add and improve examples (query_session and cookies, for example)
  * Remove broken examples

Version 0.97 (released 2008.02.09)
  * Fix Continuity::Adapt::FCGI (was broken in last release)
  * Update FCGI examples
  * Unify code on calling them "Adapters" instead of "Adaptors"
  * Fixes debug_level respecting
  * Set default debugging level to 1 (important warnings)
  * Make debugging level 0 really quiet

Version 0.96 (released 2008.01.28)
  * Turn off debugging by default
  * Fix debug_level to actually work and be respected
  * Add get_cookie to adapters and use it in the mapper
  * cookie_life arg/support
  * Fix some param and params behavior
  * Revert to ExtUtils::MakeMaker since Module::Install had no apparent advantage

Version 0.95 (released 2007.10.11)
  * Many internal improvements
  * Documentation improvements, especially Continuity::Request
  * Eliminate warnings about Module::Reload not being installed
  * Clean and simplify examples
  * Remove Continuity::Monitor (will be distributed separately)
  * Switch to Module::Install for building

Version 0.94 (released 2007.06.26)
  * Declare BETA status
  * Change default session tracking to use cookies
  * Fix query-based session ID
  * Reap abandoned-ish sessions after a timeout
  * Documentation and sample code updates
  * Add Continuity::Inspector -- a helper for server introspection
  * Get rid of the Data::Alias dependency

Version 0.93 (released 2007.05.25)
  * Documentation updates
  * FCGI adaptor works now, see eg/hello.fcgi
  * Addition of manual process reap routine
  * Add Coro::Event to the deps
  * Add $request->send_headers method and delay sending headers until first print
  * Eliminate the startup warnings
  * Less insane cookie parsing code
  * fixes to static file serving
  * modularizing the inspector stuff and fixing the example to use the modular module