Revision history for Perl extension jQuery::File::Upload::Imager.

1.01  Thu May 30 13:14:00 2013
	- In sub _save_local(), call close on the file handle after writing the file to disk.
		This flushes the output buffers and saves the data. Otherwise the output file contains 0 bytes.
		It's difficult to see how the code could ever have worked with this bug in place.
		There is commented-out code in sub _save_cloud() which writes to the same file handle.
		I have not examined that code nor have I un-commented it.
	- In sub handle_request(), shift the call to _clear() from the start of the sub to the end.
		Calling it at the start zapped various object attributes, e.g. the CGI object, which had been
		passed in via new(). Zapping them at the start means they were not available during processing.
		At the end they are cleaned-up ready for the next invocation.
		As above, it's difficult to see how the code could ever have worked with this bug in place.
		However, since the original author (seems to have) developed under Catalyst, perhaps this
		was never a problem.
	- Re-work many links in the POD.
	- Remove trailing blanks on many lines.
	- The code refers to $ENV{SCRIPT_URI} aks $ENV{'SCRIPT_URI'}. CGI and Plack set $ENV{SCRIPT_NAME},
		but I have not yet determined what to do about this problem. I scanned the source of Catalyst,
		but could not find any cases where Catalyst sets $ENV{SCRIPT_URI}.
	- I've added a FAQ to the POD, to discuss these issues and various other problems.

1.00  Thu May 23 13:57:00 2013
	- Original version.
	- This is a fork of jQuery::File::Upload V 0.16.
	- It replaces Image::Magick with Imager because all copies of Image::Magick
		have been removed from CPAN. They are still on though.
	- Features converted:
		Image::Magick		               Imager
		Read(file => $fh)                  read(fh => $fh)
		Get('width')                       getwidth()
		Get('height')                      getheight()
		Clone()                            copy()
		Resize(width => $w, height => $h)  scale(xpixels => $x, ypixels => $y, type => 'nonprop')
		Set(quality => $q)                 write(file => $name, type => $type, jpegquality => $q)
		Set(density => $d): $d="${x}x$y"   scale(xpixels => $x, ypixels => $y, type => 'nonprop')
		Write("$format:$name")             write(file => $name, type => $format)
	- Rename Changes to CHANGES.
	- Add Changelog.ini.
	- Various POD patches.
	- Various minor Makefile.PL patches.
	- Add Build.PL.