Revision history for cPanel-PublicAPI

2.7 2019-11-13
    Fix http_tiny_creator parameter handling.

2.6 2019-11-06
    Add http_tiny_creator parameter.
    Fix trivial typo in test error message.

2.5 2019-05-13
    Fix error details on 599 error (typo in 2.4 change).

2.4 2019-04-23
    Add compatibility logic for cPanel API tokens.
    Print HTTP::Tiny “content” when it gives a 599 error (e.g., TLS error).

2.3  2018-12-28
    Bump version number to be strictly greater than 2.2
    Switch cPanel provided encoder to be the real encoder: Cpanel::Encoder::URI
    Testing commits on Travis now.
    Update README
    Block install/test reports for windows since they require getpwuid to pass.
2.2.1 2017-10-09
    Update Changes, MANIFEST and README.

2.2 2017-04-17
    Implement HTTP support via HTTP::Tiny.
    Support two-factor authentication (2FA) workflow.
    Establish session when using user/pass; accesshash still uses Basic Auth.
    Support API tokens via new api_token constructor option.
    Documentation fixes.
    Unit test fixes.

2.0 2015-09-15
    Updated PublicAPI pod file to include description
    of new ssl_verify_mode option.
    Default WHM API to v1.

1.3 2015-09-14
    Fix hash randomization problem on newer Perls.

1.2	2015-08-26
	Updated from main code-base, changes include:
    Fixed non-numeric comparison errors.
    Cleaned up uninitialized variable use.
    Error checking after api_request in cPanel::PublicAPI::whm_api() call.
    Correct comments in copyright headers w/ modified bsd license
    Correct disclaimer in 3-clause BSD license
    Changes to accommodate latest version of  IO::Socket::SSL
    Removed Frontpage references
    Changed to work with self-signed SSL certificates

1.0 2011-02-24
    First version, Implement HTTP querying.