Revision history for autovivification

0.18    2017-11-04 15:30 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #123411] : Compatibility with CV-in-stash optimisation
                Thanks Father Chrysostomos for reporting and contributing a
        + Fix : [RT #122956] : strict/warn flags seem to simply do nothing
                The documentation has been amended to clarify how these two
                options are supposed to be used.
                Thanks Christian Walde for reporting.

0.17    2017-07-31 17:15 UTC
        + Chg : A large chunk of boilerplate XS code, which is also used in
                other XS modules, has been factored out of the main .xs file
                to a collection of .h files in the xsh subdirectory.
        + Fix : The new optimization in perl 5.27.3 for scalar(keys(%$hashref))
                is now correcty supported.

0.16    2015-07-01 14:30 UTC
        + Fix : Broken linkage on Windows.

0.15    2015-05-14 20:35 UTC
        + Chg : The new environment variable to enable thread tests on older
                perls is PERL_FORCE_TEST_THREADS. Note that this variable
                should only be turned on by authors.
        + Fix : The module has been taught about the new multideref
                optimization, and will function properly on perl 5.21.11 and
        + Fix : The module will no longer crash or behave erratically when it
                is loaded by several threads (or Windows emulated processes)
                ran in parallel.
        + Fix : Update the Windows ActivePerl + gcc 3.4 workaround for
                ExtUtils::MakeMaker 7.04. Thanks Christian Walde for reporting
                and feedback on this issue.
        + Fix : Be really compatible with the optional OP_PARENT feature.
        + Tst : $ENV{$Config{ldlibpthname}} is now preserved on all platforms,
                which will address failures of t/43-peep.t and
                t/51-threads-teardown.t with unusual compilers (like icc) that
                link all their compiled objects to their own libraries.

0.14    2014-11-01 22:25 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #99458] : AnyEvent::Loop hangs if autovivification 0.13 is
                [RT #99904] : 'no autovivification' breaks Lingua::EN::Inflect
                from a distance
                This was a regression in 0.13 which caused the peephole
                optimizer to loop infinitely on "... while 1" constructs.
                However, the Lingua::EN::Inflect problem only occured in perl
                5.20 and above.
                Thanks Toshio Ito and Kent Fredric for reporting.

0.13    2014-10-04 16:55 UTC
        This release contains a change that, while being very likely to be safe,
        can potentially cause freezes during code compilation. Every release
        should be carefully tested before being put in production, but this is
        especially true for this one.
        + Add : Support for the PERL_OP_PARENT optional feature introduced in
                perl 5.21.2.
        + Doc : The CAVEATS section now warns about the global slowdown during
                compilation caused by this pragma.
        + Fix : [RT #97703] : Android support
                t/51-threads-teardown.t will no longer fail on Android.
                Thanks Brian Fraser for reporting.
        + Fix : Segfaults in eval in an END block of a Win32 pseudo-fork.
        + Fix : Segfaults during global destruction of a thread or a
        + Opt : The global slowdown caused by this module has been greatly
                Thanks Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason for reporting and testing the

0.12    2013-09-05 17:20 UTC
        + Fix : Check functions are now replaced and restored in a thread-safe
                manner, either by using the wrap_op_checker() function from perl
                when it is available (starting from perl 5.16) or by taking the
                OP_REFCNT mutex on older perls.
        + Tst : Author tests are no longer bundled with this distribution.
                They are only made available to authors in the git repository.

0.11    2013-02-08 19:25 UTC
        This is a maintenance release. The code contains no functional change.
        Satisfied users of version 0.10 can skip this update.
        + Doc : POD tweaks and clarifications.
        + Tst : Threads tests will not fail anymore if resources constraints
                prevent the system from creating all the required threads.
        + Tst : Author tests overhaul.

0.10    2011-08-24 15:00 UTC
        + Fix : The pragma no longer vivifies the "autovivification" entry
                in the hints hash %^H on perl 5.8.

0.09    2011-01-05 18:40 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #64435] : Hangs with File::Copy in
                This was actually a regression introduced together with the new
                peephole optimizer strategy, and that caused the pragma to hang
                on constructs like "for (;;) { ... }".
                Thanks Michael Schilli for reporting.

0.08    2011-01-03 21:00 UTC
        + Fix : Building on Windows.

0.07    2010-12-31 16:20 UTC
        + Chg : perl 5.8.3 is required.
        + Doc : Complements and clarifications.
        + Fix : Segmentation faults and misbehaviours in threaded applications.
        + Fix : Compatibility with perl 5.13.7.
                Thanks Andreas J. König for reporting and Andrew Main for
                providing a fix.
        + Fix : Broken linkage on Windows with gcc 3.4, which appears in
                particular when using ActivePerl's default compiler suite.
                For those setups, the autovivification shared library will now
                be linked against the perl dll directly (instead of the import
        + Opt : The pragma takes slightly more time at compile-time, but is
                slightly faster at run-time.
        + Tst : Lengthy tests have been ported to Test::Leaner, making the
                whole test suite about 50% faster.
        + Tst : Threads tests are now only run on perl 5.13.4 and higher.
                They could segfault randomly because of what seems to be an
                internal bug of Perl, which has been addressed in 5.13.4.
                There is also an environment variable that allows you to
                forcefully run those tests, but it should be set only for
                author testing and not for end users.

0.06    2010-04-24 17:40 UTC
        + Add : The A_THREADSAFE and A_FORKSAFE constants.
        + Fix : [RT #56870] : "no autovivification" vs Regexp::Common.
                This was a bug in how tied arrays and hashes were handled.
                Thanks Michael G. Schwern for reporting.
        + Fix : Scope leaks under perl 5.8-5.10.0.
        + Fix : Segfaults when first loading the pragma from inside a thread.

0.05    2010-03-05 23:15 UTC
        + Fix : [RT #55154] : Crashes and assertion failures when deparsing and
                re-eval-uating some code compiled while autovivification was in
                Thanks Michael G. Schwern for reporting.
        + Fix : [RT #53647] : "leys" typo in pod.
                Thanks Hinrik Orn Sigurdsson for reporting.

0.04    2010-01-10 00:30 UTC
        + Add : Array and hash slices are now handled by the pragma.
        + Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.

0.03    2009-06-23 22:20 UTC
        + Add : Handle old-fashion dereferencing (like $$hashref{key}).
        + Chg : Aliasing constructs (for ($x{foo}) { ... }) are now covered by
                the 'store' category (and no longer the 'fetch' one). This is
                because there's no way to know at compile-time if the alias
                will be assigned to.
        + Fix : Quadratic complexity at compile-time.
        + Fix : Segfaults when dereferencing globals.
        + Fix : Segfaults on big-endian systems.
        + Tst : Really test plain arrays and hashes.
        + Tst : Improved coverage.

0.02    2009-06-17 18:05 UTC
        + Add : 'fetch' also applies to aliasing ("for ($hashref->{key}) { }").
        + Fix : Don't segfault on "keys/values %$hashref", and don't vivify if
                'fetch' is set.
        + Fix : Plain dereferencing shouldn't have a different behaviour when
                the pragma is in use.
        + Tst : Improved coverage.

0.01    2009-06-14 20:10 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.