Revision history for ZML

1.0.0	 2012-05-24/17:00
		 -Error code '0' became 11. This makes it Error::Helper friendy.
		 -Now uses Error::Helper.
		 -varNameCheck now returns a boolean for the legit value.
		 -Lots of fixes.
		 -Update my last name post marriages.

0.5.4	2009-11-22/9:30
		-Clean up the parser so it now properly parses meta
			variables and comments. Also neater is design.

0.5.3	2009-11-22/6:40
		-Correct meta/comment handling.

0.5.2	2009-02-17/14:30
		-Undefined meta,comments, and vars are now handled properly.

0.5.1	2008-05-24/16:15
		-Fix the parse function's handling of multiline values.

0.5.0	2008-05-14/7:30
		Fix parse function.

0.4.0	2008-05-14/16:30
		Fix lots of misc. issues.

0.3.0	2008-05-13/17:40
		Fix a lot of calls to varNameCheck.

0.2.0   2008-04-28/04:04
        Added valRegexDelVar, keyRegexDelComment, keyRegexDelMeta,
        keyRegexDelVar, valRegexDelComment, valRegexDelMeta, and

0.1.0   2008-04-25/19:30
        Initial release.