Revision history for ZConf-Cron

2.0.0	 2012-06-09/09:00
		 -Now uses Error::Helper.
		 -Properly checks ZConf for errors now.
		 -Pull the config name from within the module.
		 -Update POD.
		 -Use quotemeta.
		 -The bin scripts now actually use ZConf::Cron.
		 -Now uses Term::CallEditor.		 

1.1.1	2010-05-28/05:00
		-Correct writing of the set via the save method.

1.1.0	2010-05-20/03:00
		-Add 'readSet'.
		-Correct dependencies in "Makefile.PL".

1.0.1	2009-10-24/00:40
		-More cleanup.
		-Writetab now works.

1.0.0	2009-10-11/23:30
		-Misc cleanups.
		-Add ZConf::Cron::GUI.

0.0.1	2008-12-09/20:00
		-correct where it says comiccron in the zccrontab POD

0.0.0    2008-12-09/10:00
	     -initial release