Revision history for Perl extension XML::Pastor 

	- Fixed an embarrassing bug where "xml_validate_further()" was misspelled in (thanks to for the bug report #78956 on CPAN RT)
	- Fixed an undefined error in also thanks to thanks to for the bug report #78956 on CPAN RT
	- Fixed the infamous _sprint_xml_element misspelling bug. The provided workaround patch was not used. Instead, all references to _sprint_xml_element were replaced by sprint_xml_element in
	- Fixed a bug that caused attributeGroup refs not to be supported. Thanks to IKEGAMI for the patch on bug report #39691: An xs:attributeGroup can't contain an xs:attributeGroup ref
	- Fixed RT bug : #44760: Namespaces broken for xs:union memberTypes: By manually applying the patch proposed by IKEGAMI
1.0.3 Sat Aug 02 2008
	- Now, XML::Pastor also generates a special class $class_prefix . "::Pastor::Meta", which may be used to get at the schema Model()
	- XML::Pastor::Schema::Model now has two new instance methods: xml_item() and xml_item_class  
	- Updated the documentation.
1.0.2 Sat Aug 02 2008
	- Now, XML::Pastor::Type has a method named 'xml_text_content()' which is an alias for '__value()'.
	- Added generation of a header module with 'use' statements for all the element and type modules (in case of multiple).
	- Took some ANTI-SPAM measures by making the email address in the documentation harder to parse by a machine.
	- Added 'use warnings' all over the place (except uninitialized), including generated code.
	- Added a 'version()' method to XML::Pastor.
1.0.1 Mon Jul 14 2008
	- Corrected some documentation errors.
	- Re-added version numbers to and (because of PAUSE indexing issues)
	- Bumped up version number because of PAUSE indexing errors.
1.0.0 Mon Jul 14 2008
	- Corrected some documentation errors.
	- Bumped up version number because of PAUSE indexing errors.
0.6.3 Mon Jul 14 2008
	- Better namespace support
	- Schema IMPORT is now supported
	- New test schema and xml source for the IMPORT case
0.6.2 Sun Jul 13 2008
	- Added a test case for mode offline/multiple.
	- Added POD generation in mode offline/multiple.
	- Further fixed the 'use' statements in sub-modules (they are almost all within the package declaration now), for Test::Unit's sake.

0.6.1 Sun Jul 13 2008
	- Somehow, the Pastor generated mathworks test modules had made it to the MANIFEST. Fixed it.
0.6.0 Sat Jul 12 2008
	- Changed versioning scheme. It's now on two dots.
	- Builtin::boolean  boolify OVERLOAD was not working properly. Fixed it.
	- Data::HashArray was missing from the required modules in Makefile.PL. Fixed it.
	- Code refactoring from XML::Pastor::ComplexType and XML::Pastor::SimpleType into XML::Pastor::Type
	- Added John Micco's 'product.xsd' schema to the test suite
	- Moved the use statement to within the package declaration in XML::Pastor to help Test::Unit's loader (as requested by John Micco from Mathworks).
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the correct 'use' statements to be generated in generated code (Thanks to John Micco from Mathworks)
	- Added support for simpleContent elements (those that a have a simple content but possibly with attributes).
0.54 Sat Jul 05 2008
	- Added some more examples to documentation. Also brought some clarity, hopefully. 
	- Fixed incorrect sprint_xml_element calls in XML::Pastor::Schema::Parser (it should have been imported from XML::Pastir::Util)
	_ XML::Pastor::NodeArray has been refactored to Data::HashArray which is now a separate module.
	- XML::Pastor::NodeArray->hash() can now accept CODE references as key fields. 
	- Attributes are now prefixed with an underscore '_' in the element hash. 
	  Attribute accessors follow the same pattern. However, non-prefixed accessor aliases
	  are provided when this doesn't conflict with a child element name.
0.53 Sun Jun 29 2008
	- LICENSE was missing from Makefile.PL
	- README was missing. Generated it with pod2text.
	- Changes and Makefile.PL had executable bit set for some reason. Fixed it.

0.52 Sun Jun 29 2008
	- still the CPAN indexing problem
	- Bumped the version anyway.
0.51 Sun Jun 29 2008
	- (Hopefully) solve the CPAN indexing problem
	- Bumped the version anyway.
0.50 Sun Jun 29 2008
	- Added XML::Pastor::Pastorize
	- Added test scripts (eval, instance)
	- Added script bin/pastorize
	- Bumped version number to 0.50
0.01 Sat Nov 15 2003
	- original version; created by copying from another project