Revision history for XML::Grammar::ProductsSyndication

0.0406  2020-10-22
    - Avoid stale POD
        - Inspired by Lady_Aleena.

0.0405  2018-05-29
        - Change build_requires to test_requires .

0.0404  2015-05-31
        - Add repository link to META.yml / META.json .

0.0403  2014-02-01
        - Add minimal version of perl (CPANTS).
        - Add LICENSE file (CPANTS).

0.0402  2012-03-24
        - Add more used modules to the 'requires'.
        - Now we have a "use File::Spec;" in the main module (because it
        makes use of it).

0.0401  2012-01-01
        - Convert t/03-dload-imgs.t to use File::Temp's tempdir() instead
        of a directory under t to solve some test failures.

0.0400  2010-08-27
        - Add support for amazon_sak (Secret Access Key).

0.0303  2009-03-11
        - Updated XML::Grammar::Builder to 0.0101 (from XML-Grammar-Screenplay)
        so it will install all the files properly upon ./Build install.

0.0302  2009-03-03
        - Corrected the Module::Build-derived class in Build.PL from
        Test::Run::Builder to XML::Grammar::Builder. This was an oversight
        that resulted in the module files not being installed.

0.0301  2009-03-03
        - Adapted the Build.PL to properly install files in case we
        don't install under /usr . We are currently using the
        install_destination("lib") to determine a suitable place.
            - To do: extract that logic into a separate class.
        - Extracted the extradata installation logic into a separate class
        under inc/XML/Grammar/ for easy encapsulation and
        sharing among the different XML::Grammar::* projects.
        - Fixed the tests' failures due to the fact that blib/extradata
        is no longer generated.

0.03    2008-06-17
        - Added the "disable" attribute to the "isbn" tag, and added
        support for it everywhere.
        - Converted from Moose to Class::Accessor, because Moose does not
        install cleanly on cygwin and is an overkill for our needs.
        - Added support for the <rellink /> tag that creates a relevant
        link (such as wikipedia page, IMDB link, etc.)
        - Added the support for the "appendtoc" tag to append a

0.02    2006-09-09
        - Added the ability to download images.

0.01    2006-09-08
        - Created the skeleton of the module using module-starter.
        - Implemented the basic XSLT + DTD functionality.