Revision history for Perl module XML::Compare

0.05 2015-11-27 NEILB
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla, in the process ensuring releases have
      a META.json file and a LICENSE file.

0.04 2010-07-12 CHILTS
    - Change to example POD to fix up quotes

0.03 2010-06-28 CHILTS
    - Added XML::Assert::Changes.pod file

0.02 2009-12-15 SAMV
    - Add namespace support to ignore, document ignore
    - Add support for ignoring parts of the XML based on XPath expressions
    - Store the exception in an object property
    - Add namespace_strict diff option
    - Møøse
    - Pass around xpath context, for contextual exceptions
    - Allow debugging to be enabled via an environment variable
    - Add link to github repository
    - [admin] .gitignore debian files
    - Fix incorrect use of '$@' in synopsis

0.01 2009-12-09 SAMV
    - Initial version