Release history for XML-Atom-SimpleFeed

0.904 Jun 03 May 2020
	- Minor packaging improvement

0.903 Jun 03 May 2020
	- No spurious test failures when DateTime::TimeZone fails

0.902 Thu 02 Nov 2017
	- Proper packaging (mea máxima culpa)
	- No code changes

0.901 Wed 01 Nov 2017
	- Support for Time::Date objects in date constructs

0.900 Tue 22 Sep 2015
	- Support for arbitrary XML encodings

	- Removal of ->no_generator method.

	  To suppress the default generator tag, specify an undef generator.

0.863 Thu 10 Sep 2015
	- Datetime object support now via ->epoch method instead of ->strftime.

	  Despite the fact that this is an incompatible change, it should actually
	  be a non-event for almost all users, because every datetime module with
	  a ->strftime method that I could find on CPAN also has an ->epoch method
	  (as well as vice versa).

	  However, the ->strftime methods of many modules are (subtly or badly)
	  broken in the face of timezones, even as their ->epoch methods work right
	  (or else are broken subtly enough to escape notice).

	  But if you have written your own datetime class, and it has a ->strftime
	  method but not an ->epoch method, and you pass an instance of your class
	  to an instance of this module, then the feeds you generate that way will
	  now be broken.

	  On balance, I believe that this change will unbreak vastly more code than
	  it breaks. Therefore I decided to switch.

0.862 Tue 08 Sep 2015
	- Correct RFC 3339 formatting for datetime objects
	  (Thanks, virii)

0.861 Tue 06 Jan 2015
	- Auto-formatting for recognised data types in date constructs
	- Fixed CDATA flattener (was missing /s flag)
	- Non-fatal warnings; mea maxima culpa
	- Test suite cleanup
	- Now uses Dist::Zilla

0.86 Tue 23 Jun 2009
	- Person constructs are properly escaped and encoded

0.85 Tue 23 Jun 2009
	- Used a less finicky implementation strategy for the CDATA
	  flattener so hopefully it will not be buggy any more

0.84 Tue 26 May 2009
	- Added some basic XML writer tests, which uncovered a bug in the
	  CDATA flattener, which is now fixed

0.83 Mon 25 May 2009
	- Thanks to JMASTROS for spotting another bug in the XML escaping
	  function and contributing a test case

0.82 Sat 21 Jun 2008
	- I can't believe no one noticed in such a long time that the XML
	  escaping function was broken. I need unit tests...
	- Also, the date in the changelog entry for 0.81 was wrong.

0.81 Sat 21 Jun 2008
	- Put private functions in XML::Atom::SimpleFeed::YeWhoEnters and
	  placed methods in XML::Atom::SimpleFeed explicitly. This gets rid
	  of approximately 734 prefix underscores.
	- It turns out Carp::Clan wasn't even necessary, Carp works
	  that way by default. *blush*
	- More big POD cleanups (converted lots of list items to subheadings
	  so they're linkable and listed in the TOC).
	- Throw out the pointless POD and POD coverage tests.
	- Automatically escape the content of the `icon`, `id`, `logo`,
	  `published`, and `updated` elements. Oops. (CPAN RT #36961)

0.8 Sat 03 Jun 2006
	- Multiple consecutive internal refactors; code structure is now
	  actually satisfactory
	- Handles multiple authors and contributors
	- Support for icon and logo elements
	- Big POD cleanup
	- Use Carp::Clean to get rid of silly $Carp::CarpLevel juggling
	  Elements such as C<link> which may appear multiple times are no
	  longer specified in an anonymous array, but simply given
	  Atom 0.3 element and attribute names are no longer supported. (No
	  point keeping a lot of deprecation code around in the face of a
	  change like the above.)
	  Suppress the default C<generator> element requires calling the
	  C<no_generator> method instead of passing a C<generator> key to
	  C<new> with an undefined value.
	  Well, since I'm at it, the C<save_file> method is no longer
	  supported. C<print> now takes a handle, though.
	- Cleaned up errors and warning messages and got rid of DIAGNOSTICS
	  section in POD

0.8_004 Wed 10 May 2006
	- Brownbag upload: forgot to update ./Changes in 0.8_003

0.8_003 Wed 10 May 2006
	- Minor incremental progress; various bugfixes, some refactor.

0.8_002 Sun 09 Apr 2006
	- Use builtin XML writer instead of SAX for output. This
	  eliminates huge amounts of redundancy.
	- Big improvements in the distribution of responsibilities for
	  deprecation and validation checks.
	- Array-based implementation rather than inside-out objects.
	- Internal structure is now more logical and consistent.

0.8_001 Wed 28 Sep 2005
	- Emit Atom 1.0. Documentation updated to reflect Atom 1.0.
	  Usage according to Atom 0.3 will transparently generate 1.0
	  elements but emit deprectation warnings.
	- Remove _generate_entry_id and use HTTP URLs as IDs by default.
	  Using tag: URIs is useful for generating the ID once, up
	  front, so that it won't change even if the permalink does --
	  if the ID is generated from the permalink, we might as well
	  use the permalink directly.
	- Use XML::SAX::Writer instead of XML::Simple for output.

0.7 Fri 06 May 2005
	- Fix the module prereq in Makefile.PL to actually do the proper
	  dependency tests.  Oops.

0.6 Wed 27 Apr 2005
	- Use XML::Simple to generate the XML, instead of doing strings
	  by hand.
	- Make the module more robust: it now can handle multiple
	  titles, links, etc. by passing in arrayrefs and hashrefs,
	  while still allowing for simple use with strings.
	- Many thanks to Aristotle Pagaltzis for the help.

0.5 Wed 09 Mar 2005
	- Add an as_string method to return the feed as a scalar.
	- Escape any <![CDATA[ or ]]> strings that appear in the content
	  CDATA section.
	- Allow the save_file method to take either an open filehandle
	  or a scalar containing a filename.
	- These issues reported by Aristotle Pagaltzis.

0.4 Tue 22 Feb 2005
	- Rework the author code again to fixe more bugs that I probably
	  should have caught before releasing 0.3.  Sigh.

0.3 Tue 22 Feb 2005
	- Fixed a bug in the entry author section where the author name
	  was always showing up as "name". CPAN RT ID# 11620
	- Fixed a similar bug in the feed-level author section.
	- Happy Birthday, Holly!

0.2 Sat 19 Feb 2005
	- Adjust the XML encoding to produce valid feeds.

0.1 Fri 18 Feb 2005
	- Initial release.