Revision history for Perl extension Win32::IPConfig.

** 0.10 2010-07-25

Fixed prereq_pm in Makefile.PL to specify Win32::TieRegistry.

Access to registry now defaults to read-only access, and read-write
access needs to be explicitly requested to allow the set_domain,
set_dns, and set_wins methods of Win32::IPConfig::Adapter to work.
Requested by alabamapaul (who sent patches) and Santeri Paavolainen.

** 0.09 2006-05-25

Changed the way the get_adapter method of Win32::IPConfig looks up adapter
names to fix a problem where "Local Area Connection 2" was being returned
when "Local Area Connection" was requested. A case-insensitive comparison
is performed instead of using the supplied name as a regular expression.
Thanks to Raoul Thill for pointing this problem out.

** 0.08 2004-08-13

Documented the following Win32::IPConfig methods:

Updated the synopsis to include these methods.

Updated the three examples in the Win32::IPConfig documentation.

Updated the README file description to show that NT/2000/XP/2003
is supported and that read and write access is required to the registry.

** 0.07 2004-08-11

Updated to support Windows Server 2003. All methods in Win32::IPConfig and
Win32::IPConfig::Adapter now test for osversion >= 5.0 rather than just 5.0 or
5.1. For the moment, it assumes that operating systems after Windows 2000 use
the same TCP/IP registry locations introduced with Windows 2000.

Added the get_name method to Win32::IPConfig::Adapter. Returns the name
of the network card as it appears in Network Connections on Windows 2000
and later. On Windows NT it falls back to returning the service name.

Updated the get_adapter method of Win32::IPConfig to allow the name
of the adapter to be specified as an alternative to its index number.
So now get_adapter("Local Area Connection") can be used on
Windows 2000 and later. It will accept the service name for adapters on
Windows NT systems, although this isn't as useful.

Fixed an error in the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter set_domain method:
it now accepts "-" as a valid domain character.

The get_nodetype method of Win32::IPConfig now attempts to determine the 
nodetype of the host. It uses the NodeType value if present; if not, it uses
the DhcpNodeType value; if neither are present, it returns the default value
of "Hybrid" H-node for machines with WINS servers set, or "Broadcast" B-node
for machines with no WINS servers set. Previously get_nodetype would have
returned only the setting in the NodeType value.

The get_domain method of Win32::IPConfig now returns the host's DhcpDomain
value if the Domain value is not set. This seems to match up with experiments
in determining how these settings are actually used. Previously get_domain
would have returned the host's (statically configured) Domain value in all

Similarly, the get_domain method of Win32::IPConfig::Adapter now returns the
host's DhcpDomain value for a DHCP enabled adapter on Windows NT 4.0.
Previously it would have returned the host's (statically configured) Domain
value whether the adapter was DHCP enabled or not. On Windows 2000 and later,
it continues to return the adapter's own Domain or DhcpDomain value depending
on the adapter's DHCP setting.

All registry keys and values required by the module are now checked for
defined-ness, and both Win32::IPConfig and Win32::IPConfig::Adapter will
abandon a host or adapter if one of the necessary keys or values is missing,
and return undef to the caller.

Began building a test suite for the module. To do this I had to build fake
Win32 Registries. It works, although it's untidy, and I don't think it is safe
for distribution yet.

Expanded the documentation on the get_domain and get_dns to clarify that these
are host settings on Windows NT systems, and adapter settings on Windows 2000
and later, but that when run on Windows NT, the methods will fake
connection-specific values. I feel that this is a more useful approach than
forcing the programmer to call get_domain/get_dns from Win32::IPConfig on
Windows NT machines and get_domain/get_dns from Win32::IPConfig::Adapter on
Windows 2000 and later machines.

Added the undocumented method is_dns_enabled_for_netbt to Win32::IPConfig.

There were a number of other minor improvements and corrections to code and
documentation. In particular, a number of methods now determine the registry
key being queried according to the operating system and then query that key for
the data rather than using an if statement to execute similar code for
different operating systems. The erroneous reference in the REGISTRY KEYS USED
section of the documentation to the list of registry keys settings (moved 
in 0.04) was deleted.

** 0.06 2004-02-08

Fixed the get_adapter method of Win32::IPConfig so that it returns a single
Win32::IPConfig::Adapter object, as documented. Bug was introduced in 0.05.

Removed dependency on the POSIX::strftime function for formatting
the time in the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter methods get_dhcp_lease_obtained_time
and get_dhcp_lease_terminates_time.

** 0.05 2003-09-28

Changed the following methods to return a list in an array context
and a reference to a list in a scalar context:



Updated the synopses and examples to use array context for the
list methods. Changed the internal methods to pass lists instead
of references to lists.

Added the get_subnet_masks method to Win32::IPConfig::Adapter objects.

** 0.04 2003-05-04

Now tested with Windows XP. Documentation updated to reflect this.

Documented the DHCP methods and fixed them to avoid failing if the
registry key did not exist. The lease obtained and terminates times
are now returned in the standard date format YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM.
Methods documented and updated:

Moved the rather long list of registry keys into the code as comments.

Added an example for the set_dns method to the Win32::IPConfig documentation.

** 0.03 2003-02-09

The main change was the introduction of some set_ methods to the
Win32::IPConfig::Adapter. Then I started refactoring to clean up
the internal processes and moved the remote registry accesses into
the accessor methods themselves, so now the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter
reads information directly from the remote registry rather than
from a cache in the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter object itself.

The following methods read directly from the remote registry:

The following methods read from the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter cache:

The following Win32::IPConfig methods now read directly from the
remote registry:

Added the $ipconfig->get_adapter method to simplify access. Often
the first adapter will be assumed to be the main network card, so
now this can be quickly retrieved using $ipconfig->get_adapter(0).

Added documentation for the Win32::IPConfig::Adapter methods
get_id and get_description.

Updated the documentation on the DHCP registry entries used.

Addition of get_dhcp_server to adapter

The Win32::IPConfig method get_nodetype now returns a friendly string
(B-node, ...).

I've now checked that statically configured values override DHCP
assigned values and updated the following Win32::IPConfig::Adapter
methods to accurately reflect this:
I must note that so far I have only tested this on Windows 2000.

The following new Win32::IPConfig::Adapter methods were added:

I tested the effects of setting the domain, DNS servers, and WINS
servers and trying to determine when a reboot was required, and when
settings would take effect immediately, only to be rewarded with a
headache trying to figure these things out amongst all the variables
involved in the Windows Name Resolution process.

With $adapter->set_domain, in testing with ipconfig /all, the setting appeared
to take effect immediately in both Windows NT and Windows 2000. However,
testing with start \\server\share on Windows 2000 did not work successfully
until the DNS Client was restarted.

With $adapter->set_dns, the Windows NT machine needed to be rebooted for the
change to take effect. On Windows 2000, I had to restart the DNS Client.

With $adapter->set_wins, both Windows NT and 2000 needed a reboot for the
change to take effect.

Note that if you change these settings through the GUI on Windows 2000,
you will not need to reboot the machine. But then who wants to walk around
500 workstations doing that?

Until I've managed to find Windows NT 3.51 and Windows XP machines that
I can test this module on, I've changed the module to croak if the
host's operating system is not Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Finally, to facilitate a lot of these changes, the registry is opened
with read/write access instead of just read access.

** 0.02 2003-01-20

Discovered that some NDIS WAN Adapters on NT 4.0 do not have an
<adapter>\Parameters\Tcpip key. Changed code to skip adapters
that don't have this key.

Discovered also that a NDIS WAN Adapter on NT 4.0 could have a static
ip address of, so commented out the sanity check for static
ip addresses.

Discovered that an adapter could be enabled for DHCP but
not have dhcp values (because it was not connected to the network).
Changed extraction of dhcp ip address, dhcp dns servers, dhcp wins
servers, and dhcp gateways to check for the existence of the value
before assignment.

** 0.01 2003-01-19

Initial release.