Revision history for Perl module Win32::GenRandom

 - zero the buffer as soon as the bytes it's holding are no longer needed (in
   accordance with MSDN documentation). Zeroing does not happen if both SecureZeroMemory()
   and ZeroMemory() are unavailable.
 - Prototype the subroutines listed in 'use subs()'.
 - Do "unpack 'J'" and "unpack 'L'" instead of "scalar reverse unpack ...". (Otherwise we
   can get leading zeroes in the output.)

 - Ensure that t/05gen_check.t and t/05gen_check_alt.t use at least version 0.39
   of Math::GMPz.

 - Add gr(), gr_uv(), gr_32(), cgr_custom(), cgr_custom_uv() and cgr_custom_32()
   functions. Also add tests for these new additions.

 - Add LICENSE to

 - Rewrite rgr() so that it's suitable for MS compilers (and other minor rewrites).

 - Amend t/04print_error.t to cater for some languages in addition to English.

 - First release