1.001     2016-10-24 10:44:09-07:00 America/Los_Angeles

    * Return synthetic false status when json fails to decode
    * Remove the code for the non-existent (or removed) rewards->take endpoint
      (HT: Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt)
    * Return synthetic false status when json fails to decode
      (HT: Arthur Axel fREW Schmidt)

1.000     2016-08-24 00:09:53-05:00 America/Chicago

    * Switching internals from Furl to LWP::UserAgent for better keepalive
      and encoding handling. (#4)
    * Bonusly has made receiver_email and amount deprecated on bonuses and moved
      these to the reason instead. Therefore, they are now marked as optional.
      (HT: sjohnston)
    * Improved internals related to build handling.
    * Added some more tests and CI via Travis-CI.

0.160291  2016-01-29 08:58:06-06:00 America/Chicago

    * Expanded support to include new parameters and actions using the published
      documentation on gelato.io.
    * Added stub POD to service files to point back to Bonusly.pm
    * Added support for custom_properties in GET requests, e.g., as seen in
      bonuses.list and users.list

0.160290  2016-01-28 23:38:09-06:00 America/Chicago

    * Moved critical code from the templates to Base.pm and Service.pm in order
      to make the modules a little easier to maintain.
    * Added debug mode for Frew.
    * Added tests. \o/
    * Moved the API configuration to api.yml, which is used for code generation
      and for testing.
    * Added an AUTO-GENERATED FILE warning to the top of auto-generated files.
    * Bug: Fixed a bug where DELETE method requests were being sent as GET instead.
    * Bug: Fixed a missing id requirement on users.redemptions.

v0.153420 December 7, 2015

    * Added /user/me support (HT: sjohnston)
    * Fixed a missing =cut in Bonusly.pm

v0.151580 June 6, 2015

    * Initial release