Revision history for Web::Request::Role::Response

1.005	2019-08-01T17:30:28
    - Fixed minor typo in the pod. (Mohammad S Anwar)

1.004   2019-08-01T11:24:37
    - fix typo in docs (spotted by davewood)

1.003   2017-05-09T14:07:15
    - load Web::Response instead of Plack::Response

1.002   2017-02-06T12:56:41
    - only call uri_for on HASHREF so we can redirect to URI objects etc
      (Thomas Klausner)

1.001	2017-01-21T15:17:50
    - remove 'new_' from response methods names (Thomas Klausner)

1.000   2017-01-20T21:29:53
    - added tests & docs
    - extracted from Validad::Tools