2.08 2017-11-07T10:07:05+01:00
 - Fix dependencies.

2.07 2017-11-06T17:09:52+01:00
 - Rewrite to one style
 - Rewrite Changelog to my Changes

 - Fix bug with second search on object.
 - Remove dependency to obsolete Text::CSV.

 - Rewrite tests to recursive way, dir per module

2.06 2017-04-08T00:27:12+02:00
 - Add LICENSE file
 - Add LICENSE header to doc
 - Add minimal version of Perl
 - Add README file
 - Fix email in doc

2.05 2017-04-07T12:17:03+02:00
 - Add support for Kerberos (e.g. via LWP::Authen::Negotiate)
 - Add verbose parameter

 - Change maintainer and repository

 - Fix documentation
 - Fix get calling
 - Proper handling of HTTP 204 response
 - Remove extra check for Client-SSL-Warning header

2.04 2013-08-20T17:29:57+02:00
 - Drop META.yml from the repository
 - Make parser return the raw XML document if it could not be parsed

2.03 2013-08-20T16:07:15+02:00
 - 5.0.3 Splunk seems to work
 - Update changelog

 - Fix dealing with empty XML responses

2.02 2012-06-14T10:24:25+02:00
 - Do not attempt to interpret response after request is finished if it was
   already handled asynchronously
 - Sane defaults for host/port API usage
 - Fix documentation
 - Fix insecure magic

2.01 2012-05-10T11:45:31+02:00
 - Fix a warning
 - Fix raw value parsing

2.0 2012-05-09T00:29:47+02:00
 - Add utility support for real-time searches
 - Add library support for real-time searches
 - Drop use of CSV API, replace with XML
 - XMLParser: Handle more type of XML documents
 - Add support for different output formats
 - Extra checking of a response

 - Update versioning information.

 - Remove a debugging leftover
 - Kill a warning

1.11 2011-09-25T17:13:15+02:00
 - Add support for limiting the search query with a time frame

 - Nicer POD inlining

 - HTML responses do not contain response messages

1.10 2010-12-12T12:40:21+01:00
 - WWW::Splunk: Read results in bigger batches to improve performance

 - WWW::Splunk: Read processed results instead of raw events so that
   aggregates work [rt#59231]
 - WWW::Splunk: Add results_read() method to reliably detect when results
   are read.

1.03 2010-05-05T08:21:18+02:00
 - WWW::Splunk::XMLParser: Do not attempt to grok arbitrary XML from
   Splunk, return XML::LibXML instance instead
 - WWW::Splunk: Print error messages from splunk as well

 - sc: Print the result of the last search iteration as well

1.02 2010-04-28T18:09:52+01:00
 - Rename Net::Splunk to WWW::Splunk

1.01 2010-04-27T21:04:00+01:00
 - Add a missing shebang to the launcher script.

1.00 2010-04-27T20:36:54+01:00
 - Initial release with search capability.