v1.10.1 2020-07-30
  - Thanks to a Pull Request from Eris Caffee, default to constructing
    a WWW::LogicBoxes::Domain unless the actiontype is 'AddTransferDomain'

v1.10.0 2019-05-20
  - Added support for resending of the RAA Verification email

v1.9.0 2016-12-07
  - Handle domus contacts that do not have nexus data
  - Added QueuedForDeletion as possible domain status

v1.8.0 2016-11-30
  - Support for 2016-12-01 ICANN IRTP Verification, introduced
  - OBSOLETED update_contact, LogicBoxes no longer allows for updating a contact,
    instead you should create a new contact and assoicate it with the domain

v1.7.0 2016-11-17
  - Better handling of raaVerificationStatus being missing (specifically for
    expired domains)

v1.6.0 2016-11-08
  - Added Support for .ca Contacts and Registration/Retrieval of .ca Domains

v1.5.0 2016-10-22
  - Introduced a contact factory to improve ability to construct Contact
    objects from LogicBoxes responses.

v1.4.0 2016-10-21
  - Make the Phone Number library more tolernate of bad phone numbers that
    contain the country code twice ( +1.18005551212 )

v1.3.0 2016-06-16
  - Add support for IPv6 to Type Library and Private Nameservers

v1.2.1 2016-06-09
  - Fixed Coercion bug for US Contacts, was treating them as regular contacts

v1.2.0 2016-04-12
  - Implemented support for renewing existing domain registrations

v1.1.1 2016-03-08
  - Updated Test::Moose::More required version and marked it as a Testing dep

v1.1.0  2016-03-07
  - Added support for handling multiple responses from LogicBoxes when a contact
    does not exist

v1.0.6  2016-02-18
  - Fixed minor bug where suggest_domain_names method was treating related as
    optional => 0 instead of default => 0

v1.0.5 2016-02-17
  - Refactored domain suggestions to use the new V5 LogicBoxes
    Suggestion API
    - This *had* to happen because LogicBoxes is stopping support for
      the older API method
    - Usage of the hyphen attribute now triggers deprecation warnings
  - Added missing use statement to
  - Fixed bug in POD for register_domain's request attribute
  - Implemented Support for Updating Contacts

v1.0.4    2016-02-15
  - Added missing coercion to WWW::LogicBoxes::Role::Command::Contact's

v1.0.3    2016-02-03
  - Allow for { } or "naked" arguments to new
  - Add min version for Test::Moose::More

v1.0.2    2016-01-26
  - Fixed now forbidden usage of keys on scalars

v1.0.1    2016-01-25
  - Minor Fixes for Dzil Release Process

1.0.0     2016-01-25
  - First Stable Release
  - Large Refactor but preserving backwards compatability
  - Implemented Object Based Support For
    - Customer
    - Contact
    - Domain
      - Availability
      - Registration
      - Transfer
      - Private Name Servers
  - Implemented Role Based Operations For
    - Customer
    - Contact
    - Domain
      - Availability
      - Registration
      - Transfer
      - Private Name Servers
    - Raw

0.1.0     2014-05-28
    - Added support for apikey based authentication
    - Quitely releasing two new more well defined methods
        * check_availability
        * suggest_names
    - Both of these make use of WWW::LogicBoxes::Domain which is just a very
      basic implementation at this point

0.0.4     2012-03-06
    - Modified tests to skip if username and password are not defined

0.0.3     2012-03-06

    - Added support for xml_simple

0.0.2     2012-03-06

    - Updated POD Docs, corrected minor grammer and formatting mistakes
    - Added POD Docs section about incremented keys for some methods

0.0.1     2012-03-05

    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.