This document contains information about high level changes between
Link Checker releases.

Version 4.81 - 2011-10-16
- Work around some <base> related problems (#12720,
- Eliminate some warnings (emitted by code, not from results).

Version 4.8 - 2011-04-02
- Avoid some robot delays by improving the order in which links are checked.
- Avoid some unnecessary HEAD requests in recursive mode.
- Clarify output wrt. links that have already been checked.
- Make connection cache size configurable, and increase the default to 2.
- Move JavaScript to an external file.
- Check applet and object archive links.

Version 4.7 - 2011-03-17
- Support for IRI.
- Support for more HTML5 links.
- Decode query string parameters as UTF-8.
- Decode command line arguments according to locale.
- New dependencies: Encode-Locale (command line mode only).
- Updated dependencies: libwww-perl >= 5.833, URI >= 1.53.

Version 4.6 - 2010-05-01
- Support for checking links in CSS.
- Results UI improvements, added "progress bar".
- Support for larger variety of character and content encodings.
- Support for HTTP responses with > 4kB header lines.
- Additional output suppress options in command line mode.
- Improved heuristics when passed non-absolute URLs.
- Support for cookies (command line only for now).
- More "false positive" failure avoidance efforts for "make test".
- The set of forbidden protocols is now configurable.
- New dependencies: CSS-DOM >= 0.09.
- Updated dependencies: Perl >= 5.8.

Version 4.5 - 2009-03-30
- Removed W3C trademarked icons from distribution tarball.
- Avoid "false positive" failures from "make test" in certain setups.
- Make quiet command line mode quieter.
- Lowered default timeout to 30 seconds.

Version 4.4 - 2009-02-12
- checking more elements and attributes, such as BLOCKQUOTE cite="", BODY
  background="", EMBED, etc
- Changes in the UI to make it match other validators more closely
- in HTML/cgi output, using javascript to show checklink status as it happens
- added support for HTML5 links
- softer wording for broken link results
- Add non-robot developer mode
- many bug fixes and code cleanup

Version 4.3 - 2006-10-22
- Various minor improvements to result output, both in text and HTML modes.
- Fix --quiet and checking multiple documents to match documentation.
- Eliminate various warnings (emitted by code, not from results).
- Documentation improvements.

Version 4.2.1 - 2005-05-15
- Include documentation of the reorganized access keys.

Version 4.2 - 2005-04-27
- Access key reorganization, making them less likely to conflict with
  browsers' "native" key bindings.
- Redirects are now checked for private IP addresses too.

Version 4.1 - 2004-11-24
- Added workarounds against browser timeouts in "summary only" mode.
- Improved caching and reuse of fetched /robots.txt information.
- Fixed a bug where a complete protocol response (including headers)
  was passed to the HTML parser, which caused unexpected behaviour.
- Minor user interface and installation related improvements.