Revision history for Perl extension Unix::Statgrab.

0.112	2018-06-28
    - adapt to Config::AutoConf 0.317
      ==> including the recommended doc in Makefile.PL how to
          recover when autoconf fails (but there is a suitable
      ==> Fix RT#125204 (Thanks to Slaven Rezić <>
          for reporting and analyzing the regression and Petr Písař
          <> for nagging me not to put this patch off)
    - clarify license, fix RT#125519 (Thanks to Dan Book <>)
    - bump copyright
    - update bundled ppport.h to 3.42

0.111	2016-05-01
    - Release 0.110_003 without further changes

0.110_003	2016-04-21
    - add missing prove whether requested row exists in stat or not for
      fetchrow_hashref and fetchrow_arrayref calls

0.110_002	2016-04-20
    - harden passing strings from libstatgrab to perl when fetching stats
      as array

0.110_001	2016-04-14
    - harden tests
      * eval around all statgrab calls & don't prove result when exception catched
      * check for result and error, if no result received
    - harden passing strings from libstatgrab to perl when fetching stats
      as hash
    - improve author tests and so improve documentation

0.109	2015-07-10
    - documentation improvements using pod and spelling checker
    - remove upstream included "_default_headers_with_perl" C::AC method

0.108_001	2015-02-03
    - add full flavored struct accessors and implement all in XS, supports now
      colnames, fetchrow_arrayref, fetchall_arrayref, fetchrow_hashref, fetchall_hashref,
      fetchall_hash fetchall_array fetchall_table
    - as_list is deprecated in favor of fetchall_hash

0.107	2015-01-20
    - eliminate potential memory leaks in get_fs_stats, get_network_io_stats,
      get_network_iface_stats, get_process_stats
    - add support for device_canonical
    - update bundled ppport.h to 3.28 one

0.016	2015-01-06
    - update meta-information
    - update author tests
    - take advantage of Config::AutoConf 0.306

0.105_001 2014-09-07
    - take advantage of Config::AutoConf 0.23
    - switch to ExtUtils::MakeMaker, it seems more active maintained
    - add a test for possible leak
    - improve repository documentation (

0.104 2014-02-20
    - fix link targets for stats description

0.103 2014-02-19
    - learn include paths and linker flags from pkg-config, if available
    - keep configure phase settings persistent for building stage
    - redo meta_add using meta-spec v2
      * includes developer deps to please ribasushi

0.102 2013-09-28
    - Update repository URI - it's now officially hosted on
      with a mirror on GitHub for issue tracking and easy deal with
      pull requests

0.101 2013-09-10
    - depend on 'parent' not 'parant' (Thanks to Chris Weyl)

0.100 2013-09-09
    - add POD for generic methods
    - return stats in integer representation, if valid (read: if
      UV can hold any value of unsigned long long)
    - add "parants" to configure_requires

0.099_002 2013-09-06
    - Update POD to match current functionality
    - introduce as_list() for each object
    - Changes reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Fix Build to make the distribution more CPAN testers friendly

0.099_001 2013-08-03 19:13:04 CEST
    - Update Unix::Statgrab for being used with libstatgrab 0.90
    - kick out all "special" handling (process_stats, cpu_percents)
      and replace them by general stats as naturally provided
    - move pod tests to xt/ making them Author only tests

0.04  2005-09-22 08:20:59 CEST
    - 0.12 is now required for compilation
    - therefore: additional statistics for get_fs_stats()
    - fixed a minor nit in the POD tests:
      make sure that Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage are
      installed in the required minimum versions
      (thanks to Ricardo Signes <rjbs AT cpan DOT org>)

0.03  2005-04-03 07:38:20 CEST
    - POD- and POD-coverage-tests

0.02  2004-06-21 07:05:16 CEST
    - running Makefile.PL could nuke /dev/null. Fixed.
      (Tim Bishop <tim AT bishnet DOT net>)
    - some DESTROY methods missing which potentially lead
      to some slight memory leaks. Fixed.
    - added sg_get_process_stats(). I must have missed that one
      for some reason.

0.01  2004-05-21 06:57:16
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with
      "h2xs -O -b 5.5.3 -n Unix::Statgrab /usr/local/include/statgrab.h"