0.000008    2016-07-14
            * Use memcpy instead of copying three bytes separately,
              it gets us a bit more speed.
              Inspired on a blog by David Farrell

0.000007    2016-05-10
            * Control wether we override URI::Escape functions using
              the environment variable PERL_URI_XSESCAPE; if it is
              set to 0, we won't override. Thanks SawyerX (dutifully
              added as author).

0.000006    2016-05-08
            * Keep playing the compiler flag game.

0.000005    2016-05-08
            * Switch to using %AB instead of %ab, for compatibility.
            * Prepare code to magically replace URI::Escape methods;
              NOT DONE YET.
            * Add documentation.

0.000004    2016-05-08
            * Change code to be C89-compliant. So long clean code...

0.000003    2016-05-06
            * Initial released version.
            * Replicates all functionality from URI::Escape, but faster.