Revision history for Perl extension Types::Serialiser

1.0  Sat Nov 30 19:33:19 CET 2013
	- clarify that the seocnd arg of FEEZE/THAW is the data
          model/data format name, not the serialsier.
        - clarify that FREEZE must not modify the data structure to be serialised.

0.03 Tue Oct 29 14:08:00 CET 2013
	- work around an overloading bug in perls < 5.18 (reported by
          Paul Howarth).
	- remove Types::Serialiser::Boolean module, as it serves
          no purpose anymore.

0.02 Mon Oct 28 16:29:06 CET 2013
	- document the Types::Serialisation protocol, in the hope
          of other modules picking it up.
        - alias JSON::PP::Boolean as class for booleans, without
          introducing a dependency to it. It's ugly, but allows
          JSON::PP to stay in core without dependency to
        - actually add a simple testcase.
        - reintroduced common::sense to supprerss spurious warnings.

0.01 Sun Oct 27 16:37:56 CET 2013
	- original version; cloned from JSON-XS/CBOR-XS