Revision history for Perl extension Tree::BPTree.

1.08  Sun Dec 23 2007
    - Changed to use Module::Install from Module::Build.
    - Fixing a bug in Perl version requirements reported by gyles19
    - Updated the README
    - Updated the MANIFEST

1.07  Tue Nov 30 2004
	- Changed to use Module::Build from ExtUtils::MakeMaker
	- Moved into lib/Tree/ in distribution
	- Updated the README
	- Updated the MANIFEST

1.06  Mon Sep 22 2003
	- Revised each() to work more like one would expect. It returns key/value
	  pairs rather than key/bucket pairs. This is more useful, though slower.
	- Removed grep_flattened_values() and flattened_values() since they are no
	  longer required with the changes to each().
	- Fixed Tree::BPTree::Cursor::delete to match the new functionality and
	  removed the optional $value argument.
	- Fixed documentation for each() change.
	- Fixed tests for each() change.
	- Removed t/cursor_delete_value.t since it is no longer applicable.
	- Updated the MANIFEST to reflect the missing t/cursor_delet_value.t.
	- Updated documentation to reflect the latest benchmarks.

1.05  Mon Sep 15 2003
	- Added cursor current() method.
	- Added a new test to t/cursors.t for testing this method.
	- Fixed the MANIFEST as I forgot to add t/cursor_delete.t and
	  t/cursor_delete_value.t in the last revision.

1.04  Mon Sep 15 2003
	- Added cursor delete.
	- Re-optimized each() as cursor delete changed some things.
	- Added t/cursor_delete.t test for cursor delete.
	- Added t/cursor_delete_value.t test for cursor delete by value.

1.03  Mon Sep 15 2003
	- Added to perform some Perl profiler comparisons.
	- Used profiling results to find which methods were causing the biggest
	- Removed Tree::BPTree::Node::key, ::value, ::nkeys, ::nvalues, ::last_key,
	  and ::last_value from the internal node API. This results in a 200%
	  increase in the speed of insert and find and about a 2000% speed up for
	- Updated the documentation to reflect this and added a bit more optimism.
	- The script has changed some.
	- Added missing regression tests for pairs().
	- This release adds no features, just provides some optimization. This code
	  is still slow, nonetheless.

1.02  Sat Sep 13 2003
	- Added to compare speed to hashes and lists (results are
	- Corrected typos in the Changes file.
	- Added a line to Makefile.PL to prevent *.pl files from being installed.
	- Updated documentation to reflect poor benchmarks.
	- Added the reverse() method to perform an action similar to the Perl
	  reverse operator.
	- Added the new_cursor() method and altered the way each() works to allow
	  for multiple simultaneous iterators.
	- Added a missing pairs() method.
	- Altered keys(), values(), and flattened_values() to use the new each()
	  method with a cursor.
	- Added t/cursors.t to test simultaneous cursors.
	- Added t/reverse.t to test reverse().
	- Added t/reverse_find.t to test find() after a reverse() has taken
	  place--since this updates the -keycmp subroutine.

1.01  Wed Sep 10 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		-AXn Tree::BPTree