Revision history for Perl extension Tk::MListbox.

The sort() method in 1.05 worked fine on Solaris, but it crashed
on Linux. The 1.05 version included a hack to make sorting faster. 
This release is back to the non-optimized version, with the optimizing 
code commented out. If someone can explain to me why it didn't work on Linux, 
and perhaps suggest another solution, I'd be grateful. Find the sort() 
method, and look for a few codelines containing references to the array 

In previous versions, resized columns would expand to at least one or two
characters width when the mouse cursor moved over the heading. This has now
been fixed.

Dragging of column headers did not work with Tk 800.018 because of some 
new cget() beaviour. This release avoids this problem.

When sorting, Busy(-recurse=>1) is now called (if you have a Tk that is
new enough to support it).

Renamed the test program from to

The author discovered h2xs....

Added option -configurecommand.
Added methods bindRows, bindColumns, bindSeparators.

The selectionSet() method didn't work (actually, it didn't exist...)
Fixed the -selectmode and the -height configoptions.
The widget now keeps the same rows selected after a sort.


- fixed deprecated use of defined
- fixed color option problems (-background/-foreground/-selectbackground, etc)
- Adding some keyboard bindings 
- deprecated bind() -- it was aliasing bindRows()
- In previous versions, the canvas widget was used for each separater - I replaced 
  this with  Frame widgets.
- made changes to bindColumns/bindRows/bindSeparators 
  the second argument is no longer a column index. It is
  now a hash reference containing {-subwidget => $sw, -columns => index}.
  for bindRows there is also -row => index.
- fixed columnPack and columnPackInfo methods, which weren't working
  correctly. They now are fine.
- played with the width option. Now, if it is set to 0, widget should
  be created large enough to hold all columns. -textwidth applies to
  each column. So a setting of 0 will make each Column wide enough to
  display their contents. 
- all options set to MListbox act as default settings for each column,
  these settings can be overridden by setting the options within the
  -columns option, or by using columnConfigure or columnInsert. However,
  once widget is created. If the higher level MListbox options are 
  reconfigured they will override all columns. (This seemed logical).


- when bindRows is used it returns a hash reference containing the subwidget
  being bound, and the column and row indices underneath the mouse pointer.
  The row index used to be the nearest entry to the pointer. This was fine 
  except for cases where there was space for more rows within the MListbox.
  The index returned would still be for the last element, even though it was not
  directly underneath the pointer. In sitations such as these, it now returns -1.

 -Corrected some typos in docs, updated to reflect lasted change to bindRows(),
  and added more info to existing docs.