Revision history for Time::Warp

0.54  2018.10.08 MANWAR
      - Merged PR #4 (Pod Spelling), thanks @gregoa.

0.53  2018.08.22
      - New maintainer (MANWAR)
      - Updated GitHub repo details.
      - Tidied up Changes.

0.52  2015.04.16
      - The type of the Time::NVtime pointer is NV ()() not double ()(), as can be seen from looking at the Time::HiRes source.
        On Linux x86_64 on a uselongdouble build when you replace the Time::NVtime entry with a
        double (*)() pointer calls to that function end up leaving an entry on the FPU stack,
        eventually causing the failure seen at
        This minimal commit fixes that issue and allows DBIX::Class::TimeStamp to pass its tests.
        (Tony Cook)

0.51  2014.10.17
      - New maintainer (SZABGAB)
      - Use Test::More instead of Test
      - Include META.yml RT #77752
      - POD encoding is now utf8 RT #93259