Revision history for Time-Stamp

1.300     2013-01-10T03:34:01Z

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Preserve leading zeros in fractions when microseconds
    are less_than 100_000.

  - Drop the 'CORE::' prefix from calls to built-ins
    so that time() can be overridden (mocked in tests, etc).

1.200     2012-05-21T18:02:33Z

  - Enable fractional seconds in timestamps
    and handle them correctly in parsers

1.003     2012-01-17T20:46:12Z

  - Enable shortcuts like 'gm-compact' to simplify one-liners

1.002     2011-07-15T00:22:07Z

  - Superficial dist/release changes

1.001     2011-03-24T16:21:01Z

  - Added functions for parsing the timestamps back into epoch-seconds
  - Documentation fixes

1.000     2011-03-17T18:46:23Z

  - Initial release to CPAN