2010-04-03  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* ShadowHash.pm: Tie::ShadowHash 1.0 released.

	* Makefile.PL: Change the dist name to Tie-ShadowHash.  Use angle
	brackets for my e-mail address.  Set the LICENSE parameter for
	Perl 5.10 or later.

	* t/pod.t: Test syntactic validity of POD documentation.
	* t/pod-spelling.t: Test spelling in POD documentation, but only
	for maintainers.
	* ShadowHash.pm: Add stopwords for spelling checks.

	* ShadowHash.pm (FETCH): Correctly return undef if undef was
	explicitly stored in the hash.
	* t/basic.t: Test handling of explicit stores of undef values.

	* t/basic.t: Add some tests for the scalar value of the hash.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Add explicit documentation for the add() method.
	Mention that AnyDBM_File doesn't support EXISTS since some of its
	underlying modules don't.

	* ShadowHash.pm (NEXTKEY): When traversing the hash, adjust for
	keys that are shadowed by earlier hashes or by the override hash.
	Previously, keys that occurred in multiple sources or in the
	override hash would be returned multiple times by each.

	* t/basic.t: Test correct override handling on each.

	* test.pl: Moved to...
	* t/basic.t: ...here and rewritten to use Test::More.  Moved all
	test data from test to t/data.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Require Perl 5.006 or later.  Use the three
	argument form of open and declare iterator variables in for
	statements.  Clean up coding style for explicit return and

2002-07-27  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* README: Tie::ShadowHash 0.7 released.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Add SEE ALSO and COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE sections
	to the documentation.  Reformat for current formatting style.

1999-06-02  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* README: Tie::ShadowHash 0.6 released.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Added documentation of tagged data sources and of
	the "text" tagged data source in particular, as well as some
	examples, now that this has been verified as already working.

	* test.pl: Added tests for special text data sources that take a
	filename and a sub that returns a list of key and one or more

	* test/pairs.txt: New file.
	* test/triples.txt: New file.

1999-04-03  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* README: Tie::ShadowHash 0.5 released.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Fixed NEXTKEY again; it was skipping over too
	much of the source when it hit a deleted key.

	* test.pl: Added a test to ensure that deleted keys don't show up
	in the keys of the shadow hash.

	* ShadowHash.pm: Added some comments to the tied hash section of
	the code, fixed a bug in NEXTKEY where it didn't skip past entries
	that had been deleted.

	* test.pl: Switched from using SDBM_File to using AnyDBM_File
	since for some reason SDBM isn't built on the Mac port.  Also
	switched to building the DBM on the fly before running any tests,
	since a lot of DBMs, including SDBM, are byte-order-dependent.

	* test/first.txt: New file.
	* test/first.dir: Removed.
	* test/first.pag: Removed.

1999-03-22  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* README: Tie::ShadowHash 0.3 released.

	* TODO: New file.

	* ShadowHash.pm: [Revision 0.3] Added documentation.

	* test/first.dir: New file.
	* test/first.pag: New file.
	* test/full: New file.
	* test/second.txt: New file.

	* test.pl: New file.

	* Makefile.PL: New file.

	* ShadowHash.pm: [Revision 0.2] Don't use exists when finding a
	key in the databases, since some tied databases can't handle it
	such as ODBM, NDBM, and SDBM without my patch.  This means that
	keys with undefined values don't correctly override later
	identical keys with defined values.  *sigh*  Also, make add()
	return true.

1999-03-21  Russ Allbery  <rra@stanford.edu>

	* ShadowHash.pm: [Revision 0.1] New file.