Revision history for Tickit-Widget-Tabbed

0.022     2020-04-17
           * Use Object::Pad

0.021     2017-02-15 15:14:05
           * Use Style-directed keybindings
           * Also bind <C-n> and <C-p> for tab switching

           * Remember to ->close old ribbon window when removing it

0.020     2016-08-08 14:21:33
           * Updated for Tickit 0.57:
              + Use $win->bind_event instead of $win->set_on_*

0.019     2015-06-11 23:23:15
           * Avoid using pen observers and instead provide a $tab->set_pen
             method to set a pen for a tab. This is a short-term temporary
             measure until a better solution is found, likely involving the
             style system.

0.018     2015-03-23 23:23:16
           * Use ->set_style instead of ->set_pen and declare
             WIDGET_PEN_FROM_STYLE to keep Tickit 0.50 deprecations happy

0.017     2015-02-04 00:35:56
           * Remember to declare that sum0 needs List::Util 1.26
           * Avoid ->window->clear now it's dead; implement a render_to_rb
             method that just does ->eraserect instead
           * Fix off-by-one error that causes Alt+{digit} shortcut to crash

0.016     2014-08-06 16:10:44
           * Use List::Util::sum0 instead of sum so as not to print undef
             warnings when there are no tabs defined

0.015     2014-04-15 02:41:29
           * Prepare unit tests for Tickit 0.45's optimisation away of
             ->expose on invisible windows

0.014     2014-04-07 19:08:55
           * Rename ->tab to ->active_tab_widget
           * Subclass from ContainerWidget properly
           * Provide accurate ->lines and ->cols methods

0.013     2014-04-03 23:45:05 UTC
           * Use Tickit 0.32-style structures for key/mouse events
           * Prepare for Tickit 0.44's whole-tree RB rendering order

0.012     2014-04-01 22:53:51 UTC
           * Use new Window expose with_rb and mouse with_ev events from
             Tickit 0.42
           * Use new associative is_termlog() to avoid rendering order
             upsetting unit tests

0.011     2013-11-06 17:21:12 UTC
           * Support horizontal ribbons taller than 1 line (RT88081)
           * Updated demos to use Tickit::RenderBuffer

           * Remember to pass constructor arguments to SUPER::new (RT89104)
           * Updated demos to use new Tickit::Style-based API (RT90082)
           * Need to use 'read_handle' for IO::Async::FileStream, not just

0.010     2013-07-15 03:11:21 Europe/London
Use Tickit::Style for configuration
Updated to use Tickit 0.36's ->render_to_rb

0.009     2013-03-15 21:48:11 Europe/London
Make sure to ->close windows of removed tabs

0.008     2012-12-16 18:33:39 Europe/London
Allow Tab on_{de,}activated to be a method name or a coderef
Set minimal perl version correctly in Makefile.PL (RT81862)

0.007     2012-11-11 14:33:26 Europe/London
Disable the deprecated CLEAR_BEFORE_RENDER behaviour
Don't create two sets of child windows for widgets
Use Tickit 0.23's make_hidden_sub Window method

0.006     2012-11-09 19:02:50 Europe/London
Have ->activate_index croak on out-of-bounds tab indexes.

0.005     2012-09-11 06:00:23 Europe/London
New ribbon model - allow custom subclasses
Indicate selected tab with [] brackets
Allow mouse click on tab labels
Scroll tab ribbon if there's too many labels for the window width
Various small bugfixes relating to tab move and removal

0.004     2012-06-12 09:50:32 Europe/London
Use Tickit 0.17's hidden windows to give every child a window with all but one
  hidden, rather than only one child having a window.

0.003     2011-12-31 01:34:18 Europe/London
Added ability to build subclasses of tab objects

0.002     2011-11-26 13:48:42 Europe/London
Bugfix: remember to activate the initial tab immediately if we already have a

0.001     2011-10-21 22:03:32 Europe/London
Initial CPAN release