Revision history for Tickit-Widget-Layout-Desktop

0.010     2017-06-25 03:05:32+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    No new features.

    Deprecation fixes:
    * Window lifetime fix for compatibility with Tickit 0.63+
    * Use official APIs for retrieving subwindows

0.010     2016-12-31 19:39:00+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    No new features.

    Deprecation fixes:
    * Use ->bind_event instead of ->on_geom_changed, for newer Tickit versions
    * Set cursor position explicitly in new panes, since without this we tend
    to trigger warnings on focus change

0.009     2015-02-06 20:09:42+00:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * ->weld on the desktop instance for attaching panel edges. Previously
    available in 0.003 but was not exposed via public methods.

0.008     2015-02-06 18:23:07+00:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * ->close_panel support for closing the window and removing a panel

0.007     2015-02-04 01:24:25+00:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * Re-enabled rounded corners

    * Tickit 0.48+, for ->get_cell translation handling

0.006     2015-01-24 14:00:26+00:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * New panels can be given position in %, and there is now suppport for
    'right' and 'bottom' attributes (distance from bottom and right of the
    desktop, respectively)
    * Disabled rounded corners, since ->get_cell has changed in newer Tickit

0.005     2014-08-31 15:00:19+01:00 Europe/London
    No new features.

    Bugs fixed:
    * Stick-to-bottom-right behaviour - was using the wrong value for lines,
    causing windows to leap to full height occasionally for no good reason
    * Panels now get a default position if none provide in ->create_panel

0.004     2014-08-31 01:22:30+01:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * Menu popup for max/min/weld/close features
    * Restore windows after maximise

0.003     2014-08-20 19:59:52+01:00 Europe/London
    New features:
    * Ability to join edges on windows for moving things in parallel
    * Clamp-to-edge
    * Rounded corners are back

    Bugs fixed:
    * Expose handling improved, slightly faster but still plenty of room
    for optimisation.
    * When moving windows, limit them to the available space

0.002     2014-08-16 18:24:47+01:00 Europe/London
    No new features.

    Documentation updates:
    * Provide a screenshot to make things slightly more obvious

0.001     2014-08-16 18:15:28+01:00 Europe/London
    Initial CPAN release