Revision history for Text::Trac

0.24  2018.12.09 MANWAR
      Removed +x from unit test scripts.

0.23  2018.12.08 MANWAR
      Now using ExtUtils::MakeMaker for packaging.

0.22  2018.12.07 MANWAR
      Moved author unit tests to subfolder xt/.

0.21  2018.12.06 MANWAR
      Fixed warning 'Use of uninitialized value $target ..' as reported by CPANTESTERS.

0.20  2018.12.05 MANWAR
      Added minimum perl version.

0.19  2018.10.20 MANWAR
      Fixed SEE ALSO broken links
      Tidied up Changes file
      Updated link to GitHub repo.
      Add --span flag
      Add --id flag to include ids in the html files. Default to noid.
      Add --force flag to the command line script to overwrite exisiting file.
      Default of script/trac2html is to exclude class=""

0.18  2015.04.05
      Remove auto_include from Makefile.PL to limit inc/ to the Module::Install code.

0.17  2015.04.05
      Add lots of full html tests.
      Add command line script script/trac2html
      Enable excluding class="" from the HTML
      run Perl::Tidy
      run Perl::Critic
      Escape { in regex RT #100712

0.16  2014.09.13
      New maintainer.
      Link to Github.
      License in META files.

0.15  Sun Mar 8
      Fix for RT#43894.Updated Module::Install in this module.
      Thanks for ANDK!

0.14  Mon Feb 23
      Fix for RT#43337.Image URLs are not converted into
      embedded images anymore.Thanks for cmcosse!

0.13  Tue Jul 29
      Revert inline_parsers in Text::Trac::BlockNode.
      Thanks for yappo!

0.12  Tue Apr 15
      Support comment link.
      Thanks for CLSUNG!

0.11  Thu Mar 6
      Fix for
      Thanks for David Wheeler!

0.10  Fri Feb 29
      Fix for
      Thanks for David Wheeler!

0.09  Thu Feb 28
      Fix for
      Thanks for David Wheeler!

0.08  Tue Nov 20
      Apply a patch of
      Thanks to Kazuyoshi KATO!

0.07  Sun Mar 25
      Tiny fix for and

0.06  Wed Nov 9
      Fix list handling( and
      Refactor inline node parsers wholly.
      Add supports for TracLinks and WikiMacros.

0.05  Fri Oct 27
      Using Test::Base instead of Test::More in 01-text-trac.t.
      Fix the bug reported on ticket #21431.
      Thanks to Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp and Graham TerMarsch.

0.04  Wed Jul 19
      Fix autolink handling, again.

0.03  Wed Jul 19
      Fix autolink handling.

0.02  Tue Jun 20
      Fix the link pattern of

0.01  Tue Jun 20
      First version, released on an unsuspecting world.