Revision history for Perl extension Text::Format.

0.61    2018-05-21
    - Convert to Dist-Zilla .

0.60    2016-08-22
    - Apply a patch to correct a spelling error:
        - Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso, Debian Perl Group.

0.59    2014-02-01
    - Add the missing README to the distribution (CPANTS).
    - Add a LICENSE file (CPANTS).
    - Add a "=head1 LICENSE" section to the POD (CPANTS).
    - Minimum version of perl in META.yml (CPANTS).
    - Add "use warnings;" (CPANTS).
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t and t/style-trailing-space.t .

0.58    2012-09-04
    - Apply a patch to correct a minor grammatical error:
        - Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso, Debian Perl Group.

0.57    2012-09-04
    - Clarified the documentation regarding noBreak and noBreakRegex.
        - Thanks to Anne Wainwright.

0.56    2012-05-31
    - Add "use warnings;" to lib/Text/ .
    - Add t/pod.t .
    - Add t/pod-coverage.t .

0.55    2012-05-31
    - Fix small spelling error in the POD:
        - closing
        - Thanks to Salvatore Bonaccorso and the Debian people
        for the report and the patch.
        - ( There were also some duplicate bug report in the queue
        by accident. )

0.54    2012-05-25
    - Convert t/justify.t and t/format.t to Test::More, "use strict;"
    and "use warnings;" and cleaned them up.
        - fix a warning generated by a call to defined(@array)
            - thanks to H. Merijn Brand for the report.
0.53    2011-01-28
    - Adopted by Shlomi Fish (while disclaiming all rights).
    - Convert the build system to Module-Build, while adding keywords
    and resources.
    - The archive name is now the more standard Text-Format-0.53.tar.gz.
    - Fix some typos in the documentation.

0.52    1998-03-29
    - fixed some warnings that appeared when using hanging indents
      (tagged paragraphs).  Also added tha ability to use a list
      as an argument to new() and config() so you can pass a hash ref or
      a list as long as the list length is mod 2 == 0

0.51    1998-02-24
    - no real bug fix, just the MANIFEST was wrong, also I got a test
      script for testing the justify feature from the guy who originally
      wrote the code for justify

0.50    1998-02-21
    - there were no bugs but I figured that the new feature should
      really have its own release.  I also tried to make the
      justification a little faster, and the extra spaces are now added
      starting on the right side of the text instead of the left
    - fixed up the docs a little as well

0.46    1998-02-18
    - fixed bug in justify when there was only one word left for the
      last line it would consider the previous line to be the last line
      and not justify it. :-(

0.45    1998-02-18
    - changed the way hanging indents behave when there are more
      paragraphs than indent tags, previously the first tag was reused,
      now an empty text is used if there are no more tags available.
    - added the justify feature, this will jsutify the text to both
      margins, the rightAlign feture would jusstify to the rigght margin
      and default is to justify to the left margin.  if rightAlign or
      rightFill are set then justify is ignored.  rightFill fills the
      right side with spaces

0.44    1998-02-12
    - added quotes to hash keys as 5.003 didn't like unquoted hash keys
      starting with an underscore

0.43    1998-02-07
    - fixed some warnings that were occurring

0.42    1998-02-06
    - no real changes as far as the user is concerned
    - changed some internal subroutines from being just a reference to
      being a real subroutine so Objects that inherit from Text::Format
      can use them

0.41    1998-02-02
    - fixed non-breaking space bug
    - added some more error checking to new() and config()

0.40    1998-01-29
    - added support for non-breaking space
    - made some changes that make the module incompatible with the
      previous version
      * firstIndent and bodyIndent now take a number as an argument and
        spaces are used for the indents at all times rather than the
        previously specified strings
      * expandTabs is gone - to expand tabs prior to using center()
        just use Text::Format->expand() first
      * subroutines wrap and fill renamed to format() and paragraphs()
        to reflect their usage
    - fixed the bug due to the right margin not being considered when
      doing right alignment

0.33    1998-01-21
    - added left margin and right margin spec, left out by accident

0.32    1998-01-17
    - fixed another bug :-(

0.31    1998-01-16
    - renamed module to (was
      fixed a warning; was operating on an undef'ed string without
      checking now check for defined strings

0.30  1998-01-14
    - added ability to do hanging indents, fixed the interface for a
      better object oriented design, fixed some more bugs

0.23  1998-01-10
    - few bug fixes

0.22  1998-01-10
    - addition of expand/unexpand routines

0.21  1998-01-09
    - addition of center routine

0.20  1998-01-08
    - change to object oriented module

0.10  1998-01-06
    - original version
      routines are : wrap, fill
      basically the same as Text::Wrap at this point just without the
      chance for dying, it's just a basic module - Andreas Koenig
      suggested to make it object oriented