Revision history for Perl extension Text::FixEOL.

1.00 2005.05.01 - First Release

1.01 2005.05.03 - Attempt to system to play nice with the Test::xxxx modules
                  and CPANPLUS. No functional changes.

1.02 2005.05.05 - Added more build tests and made various bug
                  fixes and tweaks. 100% code coverage for
                  tests reached. Added Test::Pod to tests.
                  Changed text in POD for licence to correctly
                  identify license as dual Artistic/GPL.

1.03 2005.06.17 - Removed NoWarnings test to improve ability to build on
                  older installations. Added pod coverage test. Made all
                  pod tests optional. No functional changes.

1.04 2005.09.09 - Tweaked POD tests. Tweaked META.yml. Extended license
                  statement and appended liability disclaimer. Appended GPL and
                  Artistic licenses to distribution. No functional changes.

1.05 2005.09.13 - Changed pod tests to be more CPANTS friendly.
                  Removed usage of 'warnings' pragma and 'our' for
                  Perl 5.005 compatibility.

1.06 2011.07.30 - Replaced inadvertent Unicode usage in POD with non-Unicode.
                  No functional changes.